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PR1 : Episode One
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR3 : Episode Three
Episode Two
Episode 2
Location Krokka Tunnel

Episode Two (Japanese: 第2話 Episode 2) is the second chapter of the Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

At the Ringtown Ranger Base, Lunick and Solana look at the records that were left in Joel's Capture Styler. They replay the footage the battle with Deoxys, where it managed to defeat the three Ranger Leaders easily. In addition to this, their Capture Stylers were heavily damaged in the battle as well. A person walks up to them and states that they were surprised to see the Stylers destroyed as well.

The person is revealed to be Professor Hastings, who reveals that the Styler wasn't broken by a powerful blow. He states that when a Capture Styler releases the Capture Disc, it encircles the Pokémon with a line of energy called the Capture Line. However, if the Capture Line is cut during a capture, it will release feedback that damages the Styler from inside. Lunick realizes that this is what happened to Joel's Styler, which caused its destruction.

Professor Hastings states that in addition to Deoxys being a frightening opponent, the plans for a new model of Styler was stolen a few days prior. Since Spenser, Elita, and Joel are hospitalized, Professor Hastings orders Lunick and Solana to complete the mission that the Ranger Leaders weren't able to: capture Deoxys. Lunick, Solana, Minun, and Plusle readily accept the mission.

Before they leave, Professor Hastings asks Solana to let him know if she gets contact with Cameron, who went missing after telling the Professor that he wanted to show him something. Solana accepts and asks Professor Hastings if he will watch over Iyori, the girl Lunick saved earlier. Although she's being sheltered at the Ranger Base for the moment, no one has time for her which is causing Iyori to feel discouraged. Professor Hastings agrees, but he asks why it has to be him to do it.

Lunick and Solana leave the Ranger Base, but a silhouette playing the drums reports to someone that they have left the building. The other person states that he sent someone else to Krokka Tunnel, so the first one states that since everything is going to plan, they should meet up. At Lyra Forest, the two Rangers quickly approach Krokka Tunnel. Lunick questions capturing so many Pokémon to battle Deoxys, but Solana states that since neither of them know much about it, it's fine to over-prepare.

Not only that, Solana states that Deoxys has powers that wasn't shown in the Styler's recordings. For example, she reveals that Deoxys has the ability to change its appearance. She states that Deoxys is extremely sensitive to its surroundings, which isn't normal and makes it a danger to people and Pokémon. Solana suggests that Lunick capture Deoxys so that he can impress Spenser, who he looks up to. Suddenly, Lunick pulls Solana away from something that was about to land on top of them. The thing is revealed to be Deoxys, who looks at the two Rangers.

Deoxys turns into its Attack Forme and rushes past them into Krokka Tunnel. They chase after it to prevent Deoxys from becoming a danger to the people in Fall City. Solana sends a Capture Disc at Deoxys so that she can inspect its movements. Deoxys blocks the Disc with its Defense Forme. Solana tries again, but Deoxys moves out of the way with its Speed Forme. Lunick notes that although Deoxys is a tough opponent, they will succeed since they're pros.

Lunick uses a Treecko and has it send its power to the Styler to use a Poké Assist. With Treecko's power, the Capture Disc gains the power of a Grass Poké Assist and sprouts a large wall of grass that surrounds Deoxys. Deoxys cuts the grass, which causes feedback to damage Lunick's Capture Styler. A voice from somewhere else states that with their level of strength, they won't be able to capture Deoxys. The voice states that if Deoxys wasn't in its Speed Forme, the tactic might have worked.

The voice is revealed to be Tiffany of the Go-Rock Squad's four siblings, the Go-Rock Quads. Tiffany notes how Lunick is with another girl despite being dumped the night before. This angers Solana, who states that they're simply co-workers and asks Lunick why she knows that. Tiffany puts on a wig reveals that she was the girl that Lunick was dumped by the other day.

Tiffany reveals that the Go-Rock Squad's plan started two days ago when their radar found an energy source. Since the radar was unable to pinpoint its exact location, they relied on the Rangers to find the energy source's whereabouts. Another person with a bass guitar states that their plan worked, and that he provoked Deoxys to get it to defeat the Area Leaders. Tiffany states that her plan was to keep the Rank 10 Rangers busy, but she gets angry that Lunick skipped out on their date.

Solana quickly realizes that the item the Quads are talking about is the object that Cameron had wanted to give to Professor Hastings. Another member appears with an unconscious Cameron is his arms confirms Solana's theory. He throws Cameron to the ground, which causes Lunick and Solana to rush to his aid. Deoxys stops their movements with its tentacles. The last Quad arrives, and congratulates his younger siblings for their good job. They reveal that the object was the Egg of a Manaphy.

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PR1 : Episode One
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR3 : Episode Three
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