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Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Location Fall City
Manga series W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic
Previous Chapter None
Next Chapter PR2

This is the first chapter of the W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic manga.


The chapter starts with Cameron and his Pelipper finding an Egg floating on top of the waves. He picks it up and calls Spenser, who tells him to give it to Professor Hastings while he, Joel, and Elita prepare to go to battle with an unknown enemy.

The scene changes to Fall City with a girl, Iyori, trapped inside a burning building. Lunick, a Pokémon Ranger, steps in to save her with a Heracross, a Tangela, and his partner, Minun. Using Heracross to create a bridge and using Tangela to elevate him with its vines, he manages to reach the girl and rescue her, but at the cost of his new girlfriend who breaks up with him for skipping out on their date.

But that is the least of his and Iyori's problems, as debris from the building starts falling on top of them. While running from the falling debris, he explains how being a Pokémon Ranger works as he captures a Croconaw to put out the flames.

After explaining why he became a Ranger, Lunick gets a call from fellow Ranger Solana. She reveals that they lost communication with Spenser, Joel, and Elita after they went on their mission to capture the legendary Pokémon, Deoxys. The chapter ends with a scene of Deoxys standing next to his opponents, all of them completely defeated.

Major events

  • Cameron finds a mysterious egg.
  • Three of the Top Rangers of Fiore are defeated by Deoxys.
  • Lunick rescues Iyori (at the cost of his girlfriend dumping him).


Pokémon debuts






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