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Apricot, the Super Heroine
スーパーヒロイン 小梅参上!!
Enter the Superheroine, Koume!!
Collected in Vol. 8
Chapter number 44
Location A forest
Manga series Magical Pokémon Journey
Previous Chapter Jigglypuff's Joy
Next Chapter Pikachu and Clefairy's Heroic Tales

Apricot, the Super Heroine!! (Japanese: スーパーヒロイン 小梅参上!!, Enter the Superheroine, Koume!!), is the first chapter of the eighth volume of Magical Pokémon Journey.


Walnut asks Pikachu and Clefairy to team up with him, as an important part of his ninja training is getting stronger through Pokémon battles. His opponent appears, a ninja girl named Apricot who introduces herself as Walnut's childhood friend. Walnut denies this, saying that she is his sworn enemy.

The battle starts with Walnut using Pikachu and Apricot using Marimaru, her Marill. Walnut throws a flame at Apricot. She admits that it is impressive, however, the point of the match is to combine their ninja skills with the Pokémon's abilities. She uses Marimaru's Toxic with a wind dance, combining their abilities into a poisonous mist. She then traps him with Marimaru's Bubble Beam, allowing her to hit him with ninja throwing stars. Walnut fights back, throwing his own throwing stars and having Pikachu electrify them, but Marimaru uses Ice Beam to freeze and stop them.

With Apricot the winner, she congratulates him on his improved skills and they agree to have a rematch one day. As they are leaving, Apricot reveals that she has moved next door to Walnut, much to his dismay.

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