POP Series 3 (TCG)

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POP Series 3 is the name given to a special set of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released through Pokémon Organized Play events or affiliated products.

Set Size

  • POP Series 3 contains 17 cards

The symbol for POP Series 3 is a pokéball with a number “3” to the right of it.

Release Date

  • The set was first released in April 2006


  • Some players first got a glimpse of POP Series 3 at the 2006 Regional Championships; not all locations had the booster packs to hand out to participants. The boosters became available at most POP locations soon afterwards.
  • This set features the first tournament legal card with more than one Pokémon as a part of it - Pichu Bros.
  • The booster design for the set features Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon.

Card List

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1 Blastoise Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
2 Flareon Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
3 Jolteon Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
4 Minun Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
5 Plusle Lightning-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
6 Vaporeon Water-attack.png File:Rare rare.gif
7 Combusken Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
8 Donphan Fighting-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
9 Forretress Grass-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
10 High Pressure System T File:Rare uncom.gif
11 Low Pressure System T File:Rare uncom.gif
12 Ditto [Mr. Mime] File:Physic-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
13 Eevee Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
14 Ivysaur Grass-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
15 Marshtomp Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
16 Pichu Bros. Lightning-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
17 Ho-oh ex Fire-attack.png File:Rare rare.gifex

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