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* [[Isamu Akai]]
* {{OBP|Red|Pocket Monsters}}
* {{p|Clefairy}} ({{OP|Isamu Akai|Clefairy}})
* {{p|Clefairy}} ({{OP|Red|Clefairy}})
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Isamu Akai|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Pikachu}} ([[Isamu Akai's Pikachu|Red's]])
* {{p|Tyrogue}} ({{OP|Isamu Akai|Tyrogue}})
* {{p|Tyrogue}} ({{OP|Red|Tyrogue}})
* {{p|Shiftry}} (Isamu's)
* {{p|Shiftry}} (Red's)
* {{p|Slugma}} (Isamu's)
* {{p|Slugma}} (Red's)
* {{p|Scyther}} (Isamu's)
* {{p|Scyther}} (Red's)
* {{p|Alakazam}} (Isamu's)
* {{p|Alakazam}} (Red's)

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Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Please upload an image of this chapter.[[File:|250px]]
Pippi Has Been Abandoned?!
Collected in Vol. 6
Chapter number 60
Location Faraway island
Manga series Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire
Previous Chapter Enter The World Of Sumo!
Next Chapter Clefairy's Dome Concert!

Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?! (Japanese: Pippi Has Been Abandoned?!) is the sixtieth chapter of the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga.


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Major events


Pokémon Debuts



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