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PK23 : Sing Meloetta: Search for the Rinka Berries
Pikachu shorts
PK25 : Pikachu and Eevee Friends
Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade
Meloetta's Dazzling Recital
First broadcast
Japan July 14, 2012
United States February 15, 2013
English themes
Ending I Wanna Dance
Japanese themes
Ending みてみて☆こっちっち
Assistant director
Animation director
No additional credits are available at this time.

Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade (Japanese: メロエッタのキラキラリサイタル Meloetta's Dazzling Recital) is the 24th Pikachu short of the Pokémon anime. It aired alongside M15 and was available for the English audience on February 15, 2013 up to March 24, 2013 through the Pokémon TV app and the official Pokémon site.

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Template:Incomplete synopsis The narrator starts explaining about the Pokémon forest. Pikachu and his friends looks at the sky. Suddenly, the moon begins to glow, and Meloetta appears. Meloetta lands on the ground, and plants the Melody Tree. Then, it sings the Relic Song which makes the tree grow and sprout Melody Berries. Meowth becomes excited and starts scratching Crustle, which makes it use Sandstorm. The Sandstorm breaks the tree, and the Melody Berries blast off. Meloetta manages to catch one of the berries as the other four scatter. Pikachu and friends then start searching for the Melody Berries while Meowth searches for them as well, trying to impress Meloetta. Pikachu and friends eventually manage to gather all Melody Berries and give them to Meloetta, making Meloetta become happy and sing in the end.

Major events


Pokémon debuts




  • This was the first Pikachu short released alongside a movie since Gotta Dance.
  • It is the first Pikachu short to be dubbed into English and released since Pikachu's Island Adventure.
  • During the events of the short, silhouettes of Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and Shaymin appear in the background. Their locations are revealed during the dance number at the end.
  • Interestingly, many of the Pokémon act like ones previously owned, (ie. Piplup fighting with Oshawott just as Dawn's Piplup did) though it is never directly stated they are.



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PK23 : Sing Meloetta: Search for the Rinka Berries
Pikachu shorts
PK25 : Pikachu and Eevee Friends
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