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PE03 : The Visionary
Pokémon Evolutions
PE05 : The Rival
The Plan
The Plan
Web release
Japan October 21, 2021
United States October 21, 2021
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay Benjamin Townsend Benjamin Townsend
Storyboard 竹内雅人 Masato Takeuchi
Assistant director 竹内雅人 Masato Takeuchi
Animation director 村田理 Osamu Murata
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Plan (Japanese: ザ・プラン The Plan) is the fourth episode of Pokémon Evolutions. It was first released on the official English Pokémon YouTube channel, Pokémon TV, and the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel on October 21, 2021.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


A sinister plot that manipulates both people and Pokémon has been realized!


In a series of flashbacks, Ghetsis details his plan involving N, no longer willing to remain silent. Having found N as a "warped boy" living in the forest alongside Pokémon, he welcomed N into Team Plasma and raised him, giving N the training he needed to become Team Plasma's king. When he became old enough, N was formally crowned in a ceremony witnessed by the Seven Sages, Anthea, and Concordia. With N's ascension complete, Ghetsis moved to the next phase of their plan, starting by giving a speech at Accumula Town where he spoke of the need for Pokémon liberation, witnessed by Hilda and Cheren as N observed the pair from a distance, noticing how good care Hilda was taking of her Tepig.

Eventually, Ghetsis put N to the test by having him unleash Zekrom from the Dark Stone at Dragonspiral Tower; his success marked him as worthy of sharing the Harmonia name. Team Plasma proceeded to deploy N's Castle at the Pokémon League as a sign of change to come. In the Champion's room, Alder faced off N and Zekrom with his Volcarona, denouncing Team Plasma's philosophy of Pokémon liberation as Ghetsis's lie. The accusation caused N to grip his necklace so hard it snapped, but Volcarona was ultimately overwhelmed by Zekrom. Defeated, Alder begged N not to go ahead with his plan to separate people and Pokémon. Back in N's room, Anthea and Concordia gently suggested that N should follow his heart until Ghetsis arrived, simply telling N it was time.

In the present, Ghetsis is revealed to have been telling Hilda the true nature of his plan: to have Team Plasma spread the liberation of Pokémon throughout the region, so Team Plasma will become the undisputed rulers of Unova. At this, Hilda brings out the Light Stone in her possession, which Ghetsis identifies and invites her to try and prove herself a hero by stopping N. Advancing to the throne room, Hilda sees N atop his throne; acknowledging her presence, he calls out for Zekrom as it crashes through the wall, landing on the floor with a powerful shockwave that causes Hilda to flinch. As Hilda prepares to face N, Ghetsis remarks that he won't allow anyone to stop him or his plan to take over the world for himself.

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PE03 : The Visionary
Pokémon Evolutions
PE05 : The Rival
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