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* {{p|Kangaskhan}} ([[Kanga and Li'l Kanga|Li'l Kanga]]; {{adv|X}}'s)
* {{p|Kangaskhan}} ([[Kanga and Li'l Kanga|Li'l Kanga]]; {{adv|X}}'s)
* {{p|Fletchling}} ([[Fletchy]]; {{adv|Y}}'s)
* {{p|Fletchling}} ([[Fletchy]]; {{adv|Y}}'s)
* {{p|Flabébé}} ({{adv|Trevor}}'s)
* {{p|Flabébé}} ({{adv|Trevor}}'s; {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Flabébé, Floette, and Florges|Red Flower}})
* {{p|Corphish}} ({{adv|Tierno}}'s)
* {{p|Corphish}} ({{adv|Tierno}}'s)
* {{p|Bulbasaur}} ([[Professor Sycamore]]'s)
* {{p|Bulbasaur}} ([[Professor Sycamore]]'s)

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Garura, Attempt
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 5
Location Lumiose City
Santalune City
Route 22
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Previous Chapter They Have a Flare for a Li'l Kanga-Napping
Next Chapter The Aegislash Agenda

Kangaskhan...Kangascan't (Japanese: ガルーラ、試す Garura, Attempt) is the fifth round of the X & Y chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Lysandre and Professor Sycamore review the footage of the Vaniville Town incident that Trevor sent.
  • X and his friends arrive in Santalune City.
  • Y comes up with a set of rules the make sure that her friends are safe.
  • X and Trevor attempt to try and figure out the transformation that Li'l Kanga can use.
  • The group is approached by Viola, who offers to help them.
  • When Y accepts Viola's offer, Shauna runs off in anger because everyone decides to trust her so easily.
  • Celosia tricks Shauna into being put under mind control.
For a list of all major events in the Pokémon Adventures manga, please see the timeline of events.
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Pokémon debuts





  • In the original magazine version of this round, the Litleo X fought was portrayed with white claws. When the round was collected into volume format, the claws were changed to black.
  • In the VIZ Media mini-volumes of the X & Y chapter, this round was collected in Volume 2.

In other languages

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