Overgrown Forest (Friend Area)

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Overgrown Forest じゅかいのもり
Overgrown Forest
Overgrown Forest.png
Predominant type: Bug
Capacity: 9
Methods to obtain: Buy for 600 Poké
Have Treecko as starter or partner
Friend Area

Overgrown Forest (Japanese: じゅかいのもり Overgrown Forest) is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of only nine Pokémon. It is available for 600 Poké from Wigglytuff in Pokémon Square.


Overgrown Forest is an area full of tall and billowing grasses. The entire area is composed of green and has two trees on each side at the top.

In-game data

This densely overgrown grotto of trees attracts Pokémon that love such a lush, congested setting.


Pokémon Location
123 Scyther Sinister Woods 8F-11F
Pitfall Valley B13F-B18F
Joyous Tower 15F-19F
Remains Island B13F-B19F
127 Pinsir Mt. Steel 7F-8F
Western Cave B21F-B28F
Joyous Tower 9F-11F
185 Sudowoodo Sinister Woods 1F-4F
212 Scizor Evolve Scyther
214 Heracross Great Canyon 7F-9F
Joyous Tower 39F-42F
252 Treecko Starter Pokémon
Joyous Tower 1F-4F
253 Grovyle Evolve Treecko
Western Cave B38F-B49F
254 Sceptile Evolve Grovyle
352 Kecleon Dungeon floors with Kecleon stalls

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