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|ja=菊地正美 ''Masami Kikuchi''
|ja=菊地正美 ''Masami Kikuchi''
|en=[[Maddie Blaustein|Adam Blaustein]]
|en=[[Maddie Blaustein|Adam Blaustein]]
|no=Erik Skøld
|pt_br=Marcelo Campos
|pt_br=Marcelo Campos
|es_eu=Pablo Sevilla
|es_eu=Pablo Sevilla

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Otoshi and his Marowak
Otoshi (Japanese: サイゾウ Saizō) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in Bad to the Bone.

While on his way to Indigo Plateau, Ash was stopped by Otoshi, who challenged him to a battle, but with a twist: whoever lost had to give up their Badges to the winner. Ash, confident he would win, accepted the challenge. Otoshi's Marowak successfully defeated Ash's Bulbasaur, but it lost to Pikachu.

Otoshi then admitted that he had no Badges to give to Ash. Ash thought that Otoshi was a cheater, but then he told the story of how his Badges were stolen by somebody who he didn't know. He claimed a talking Meowth did it. Ash and his friends knew Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket were the ones who robbed Otoshi. Feeling sorry for him, Ash and the others decided to help Otoshi retrieve his Badges from Team Rocket.

In the meantime, Marowak ran away from Otoshi, saying that if Otoshi were a more responsible Trainer, he would never have lost the Badges. Otoshi was saddened, but continued to look for his Badges.

After Ash, Misty, Brock and Otoshi confronted Team Rocket, Otoshi challenged Jessie for the Badges. She told Otoshi that if he defeated her, she would give his Badges back. Using his Doduo, he tried to defeat Jessie's Arbok, but the two heads ended up fighting with each other. Jessie was about to capture the Doduo, when Marowak returned to Otoshi and helped him defeat Jessie.

Otoshi, now reunited with both Marowak and his Badges, continued to Indigo Plateau to compete in the Pokémon League.


This listing is of Otoshi's known Pokémon:

Otoshi's Marowak
Otoshi and his Marowak are great friends and defeated a load of Gym Leaders together, it first appeared when Otoshi appeared and battled Ash for his Badges against his Bulbasaur which he accepted. It defeats Bulbasaur easily in one move and next up is his Pikachu. Marowak goes in for an attack but Pikachu dodges it and uses ThunderShock, defeating Marowak. But Otoshi did not have any Badges and it was revealed that Team Rocket stole them, and Ash and his friends decide to get them back. They look for them and eventually find James and Meowth but they could not find the Badges and suddenly Marowak says it does not want to be his Pokémon anymore, Otoshi tries to comfort it but Marowak walks off.

It is later seen when Otoshi's Doduo is in trouble of being captured by Jessie, it appears knocking her Poké Ball out of the way and defeating her Arbok. They try to escape in their balloon but Pikachu finishes them off sending Team Rocket blasting off. It then says goodbye to Ash and his friends.

Marowak's known moves are Focus Energy, Bone Club and Bonemerang.

Debut Bad to the Bone
Voice actors
English Jimmy Zoppi
Otoshi's Doduo
Otoshi's Doduo first appeared in a battle between Jessie to get Otoshi's Badges back against her Arbok. Arbok was winning and suddenly the two heads of Doduo start to fight. Jessie decides to capture Doduo, but Marowak hits the Poké Ball out the way with its bone. Otoshi then recalls Doduo.

None of Doduo's moves are known.

Debut Bad to the Bone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 菊地正美 Masami Kikuchi
English Adam Blaustein
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Brazilian Portuguese Marcelo Campos
Spanish Latin America Enzo Fortuny
Spain Pablo Sevilla


  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Otoshi was voiced by the same voice actor who voices Inuyasha, a character from the anime with the same name. They both have almost the same outfits and the concept of these characters is very similar.

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