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Oswald (Japanese: ヒラタ Hirata) is a character of the day who appeared in Clefairy Tales.

Residents around Mt. Moon were puzzled when several Clefairy were stealing all of their items. Oswald however, proposed an interesting theory: the Clefairy were actually aliens and were using the belongings to help build their space ship.

With the exception of Ash and his friends, nobody believed him. Along with Jigglypuff, the group searched for the Pokémon and discovered that they were indeed making a space ship. Just as the ship was about to take off, Ash and the others fled. However, Oswald stayed with the Clefairy, wanting to learn more about them as aliens.

Although the Clefairy made another appearance in Wish Upon a Star Shape, Oswald never appeared again, much as is the case of the COD in their first appearance with Seymour.

In the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

In the manga series The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Oswald appears in the chapter Clefairy in Space. In VIZ Media's English translation, he has the name Professor Orville. His role in the manga is nearly the same as in the anime - he is a scientist who believes that the Pokémon Clefairy come from outer space.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鈴木琢磨 Takuma Suzuki
English Adam Blaustein
European Spanish Iván Muelas

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