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*Orre is one of only two regions to have more than one crime syndicate plaguing the region, the other being [[Hoenn]].
*Orre is one of only two regions to have more than one crime syndicate plaguing the region, the other being [[Hoenn]].
**Coincidentally, both of these Regions debuted in [[Generation III]].
==In other languages==
==In other languages==

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Orre オーレ地方地方
Ōre-chihō region
In-game Map of Orre
Professor Professor Krane
Starter Pokémon Eevee and its evolutions
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Orre (Japanese: オーレ地方 Ōre-chihō) is the setting of the Generation III games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Orre has no wild Pokémon in Pokémon Colosseum, and only a few starting to pop up in specific spots in Pokémon XD. In these circumstances, Trainers use Pokémon imported from other regions, primarily Johto and Hoenn. Pokémon battles are, for the most part, played in double battle style with the Trainers putting two Pokémon out each. There is no form of a Pokémon League, but rather, a variety of facilities which offer consecutive battles. However, Michael wanting to start his Pokémon Journey when he comes of age would imply that there is at least something similar to a Pokémon League in Orre, if not an actual Pokémon League.


This region is noticeably protrudent, divided to a large desert wasteland and a mountainous area of greenery. It has no connecting routes, due to the wastelands.



Areas of interest



  • Orre is one of only two regions to have more than one crime syndicate plaguing the region, the other being Hoenn.

In other languages

  • French: Rhode
  • Spanish: Aura
  • Italian: Auros
  • German: Orre

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