Oreburgh City

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Template:Infobox town Oreburgh City (Japanese: クロガネシティ Kurogane City) is a city in the region of Sinnoh. It is where one of Sinnoh's Gyms is located, led by Roark. It is here where trainers recieve the Coalbadge, the first in their conquest of the Sinnoh region's Pokémon League. The Japanese name Kurogane City may refer to a Japanese word for iron (黒鉄 kurogane). Oreburgh is a mining town blessed with natural resources.

Oreburgh is reachable via the Oreburgh Gate. Vents in the city release steam from the mine below and exchange it for fresh air. There is a girl in the city who will trade an elusive Abra for a Machop. Oreburgh is home to the Oreburgh Mining Museum, as well as the Oreburgh Mine. The miners often take breaks in the Gym between the work shifts.


The population happens to be 42

Gym Leader's pokemon

Geodude Rck-Grd
Onix Rck-grd
Cranidos Rock
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