Orange Archipelago

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Orange Archipelago オレンジ諸島地方
Orange Archipelago region
A complete map of the Orange Islands in relation to Kanto and Johto
Professor Professor Ivy
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Pokémon League yes
League Location Pummelo Island
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Season(s) The Adventures in the Orange Islands (2)
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The Orange Archipelago (Japanese: オレンジ諸島 Orange Archipelago) is a large chain of tropical islands shown in the anime that is located south of the Kanto region. Pokémon Trainers come here to participate in the Orange League, but its tropical climate also attracts many tourists. One effect of the climate is the presence of alternate colored Pokémon.

Most of the scattered islands in the archipelago are named after types of oranges (or other various citrus), but many are deserted.

The Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys of the archipelago dress in slightly different attire than those of the other regions. Some also appear to have tans.

This region appears only in the anime and the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga. It is not accessible in any of the games.



The islands, from north to south, west to east:

Areas of interest

  • Pokémon Park on Tangelo Island


Main article: Orange League

Only four Orange League badges are required to participate in championship competition, held on Pummelo Island. The gym leaders in the order they were challenged are Cissy, Danny, Rudy, and Luana. Drake is the final challenge, only battling against someone who obtains all four Orange League badges.


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