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Onix is a Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Specifically, there are many individual Pokémon cards which feature this Pokémon.

All Onix cards are Basic Pokémon. Onix cards are always Fighting-type are usually weak to Grass or Water and are resistant to Lightning.


The following is a list of cards named Onix.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Onix Fighting 12 Common Base Set 56/102
Base Set 2 84/130
Legendary Collection 84/110
Onix Fighting 25 Uncommon Vending Machine cards (no English release) Series 2
Onix Fighting 22 Common Neo Genesis 69/111
Onix Fighting 40 - Southern Islands 3/18
Onix Fighting - Common Aquapolis 98/147
Onix Fighting - Common EX Sandstorm 71/100
Onix Fighting - Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 42/112
Onix Fighting - Common EX Team Rocket Returns 69/109
Onix Fighting - Common EX Unseen Forces 65/115
Onix Fighting 22 Common Diamond & Pearl 92/130
Onix Fighting 25 Common Stormfront 69/100
Onix Fighting - Common Unleashed 56/95
Onix 57/95

Brock's Onix

Onix was featured in the TCG as one of Brock's Pokémon. The following is a list of cards named Brock's Onix.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Brock's Onix Fighting 30 Rare Gym Heroes 21/132
Brock's Onix 41 Common 69/132