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|move4=Shadow Ball|move4type=Ghost|move4cat=Special}}
|move4=Shadow Ball|move4type=Ghost|move4cat=Special}}
====[[Battle Chateau]]====
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|color={{psychic color}}

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ゴジカ Gojika
"The person who makes paths with starlight."
Gender Female
Eye color Periwinkle
Hair color Purple
Hometown Anistar City
Region Kalos
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VI
Games Pokémon X and Y
Leader of Anistar Gym
Badge Psychic Badge
Specializes in Psychic types

Olympia (Japanese: ゴジカ Gojika) is the Gym Leader of Anistar City's Gym, known officially as the Anistar Gym. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon. She gives the Psychic Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

In the games

Olympia appears in Pokémon X and Y as a Gym Leader. Trainers who defeat Olympia will receive the Psychic Badge, along with TM04 (Calm Mind).


Anistar Gym

Battle Chateau


Pokémon X and Y

Anistar Gym
  • Before battle
"A ritual to decide your fate and future. The battle begins!"
  • Being defeated
"Create your own path. Let nothing get in your way. Your fate, your future."
  • After being defeated
"Now, the Psychic Badge. A testament to your skill. Proof of your power."
"A symbol of trust. Lv. 90 or below... Pokémon obey."
"Special Attack and Special Defense are increased. The Calm Mind TM."
"Power that takes life awakens--voices of woe. That is your future. Back from whence you came. You can be transported there. Warp to the entrance?"
Yes: "Farewell..."
No: "Understood..."
Battle Chateau
  • Before battle
"An ancient custom deciding one's destiny. The battle begins!"
  • Being defeated
"Create your own path. Let nothing get in your way. Your fate, your future."
  • After being defeated
"Winner and loser. A winged Pokémon leads on, to the goal of both."


  • Olympia's Japanese Leader title is 星明かりで 道を つくる 人.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゴジカ Gojika From 午時花 gojika (Pentapetes) and possibly gothic
English Olympia From Olympian (godlike; celestial; superior) and Olympia (a synonym for the genus Hypericum)
French Astera From the genus Aster and astral
German Astrid From the genus Aster and astral
Italian Astra From the genus Aster and astral
Spanish Ástrid From the genus Aster and astral
Korean 고지카 Gojika Transliteration of her Japanese name

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