Old Chateau

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The Old Chateau (Japanese: もりのようかん Forest Manor) is an abandoned mansion in Eterna Forest. Inside one of its four bedrooms, there is a television, which, if looked at at night after obtaining the National Dex, will initiate a battle with a Rotom at level 15.

Players must have Cut to enter the Old Chateau.

The ghosts in the Old Chateau include Gastly, Rotom (though it cannot be caught before obtaining the National Dex), a little girl who appears in the last room in the hall if the player is in the room with eyes on the wall, and a butler who is seen when entering the dining hall on the first floor. After becoming Champion, they are joined by Haunter and Gengar through the dongle method, and Rotom is catchable. Gengar can only be found in the room with eyes on the wall, and Rotom is found inside the TV.

Items inside the Old Chateau include the Dread Plate, TM90 (Substitute), an antidote and the Old Gateau.


Name Games Location Levels Rate
All Times
Gastly D P Inside 12-16 100%
Special Pokémon*
Haunter D P Dongle:
R, S, E, FR, LG
16 8%
Haunter D P Dongle:
R, S, E, FR, LG
Room with Eyes
16 4%
Gengar D P Dongle:
R, S, E, FR, LG
Room with Eyes
16 4%
Rotom D P Room with TV,
only at night
15 1

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