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(Japanese: オクラ Okura) is a character of the day who appeared in Lost at the League!. She was not given a name in the English dub and thus is referred to by her Japanese name on this page. She is one of the friends and family members who came from Inakano Town to Vertress City to celebrate Russet's victory through the first round, as well as the second and third round of the Vertress Conference.

Okura was happy that Russet was the first Trainer from their hometown to have gotten past the first round.


Taken care of

Iris's Axew
Main article: Iris's Axew

In Lost at the League!, when Axew got lost, Okura took care of him until he was reunited with Iris.

Debut Lost at the League!
Voice actors
Japanese Minami Tsuda
English Kayzie Rogers

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