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Officer Jenny
ジュンサー Junsar
[[File:Officer Jenny.png|{{{size}}}]]
An Officer Jenny
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh
Relatives Other Officer Jennys
Trainer class no
Generation I
Games Yellow
Anime debut Pokémon Emergency!
English voice actor Megan Hollingshead (Template:4Kids)
Jamie Davyous Owens (Template:4Kids)
Jamie Peacock (MMoP)
Emily Williams (TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Chinami Nishimura

Officer Jenny (Japanese: ジュンサー Junsar) is the name by which the police officers who use Pokémon in their duties are referred to. Her Japanese name is a play on 巡査 junsa, police; policeman.

In the anime

Officer Jenny is not a single entity. Rather, there are many Jennies working as police officers across the various regions of the Pokémon world.

Generally, Officer Jennies are brave and determined, but mostly ineffective in their police duties. They fight against the likes of Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua and Team Galactic - among other miscellaneous criminals.

Although Jennies appear mostly identical, there is some minor divergence among them, as evidenced by Brock, who is able to recognize different Jennies on numerous occasions. Brock appears to be the only character who can tell them apart. However, each Jenny has a different symbol on her hat that indicates location. There seem to be two Viridian Jennies, as during the Indigo League, two Jennies with the same hat symbol were seen side-by-side. (We know that the symbol in question--a star--indicates Viridian due to previous episodes.) One of the Viridian Jennies maintains a fierce rivalry with the Jenny of Eterna City.

Although there are many exceptions, Officer Jenny will generally have Growlithe to use as a police dog.

There is a very distinct parallel between the families of Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. This may indicate some sort of relation or deeper connection, and fans have sometimes speculated about such. However, the only thing known about the two families is that they are apparently on good terms.

Ash's Squirtle was given to an Officer Jenny who fights fires. It is the leader of a group of four other Squirtle known as the "Squirtle Squad", who serve as the local firefighting team.

In Luxray Vision!, Marble, a young Officer Jenny, appeared. She was in charge of looking for "The Bandit Beauties Three." She was also voiced by 西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura in Japanese, but voiced by Meghan McCracken in English. She owns a Luxray.

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Blue hair in early episodes

Voice actors


The following are Officer Jenny's usual Pokémon in the anime.



During the course of the anime, various individual Officer Jennies have had the following Pokémon:

File:Squirtle Squad 2.png
(Squirtle Squad)
File:Jenny's Wobbuffet.png

In the games

In Pokémon Yellow, Officer Jenny will give out a Squirtle in Vermilion City. An Officer Jenny also replaces the generic male officer in Cerulean City.


  • The Policeman trainer class may have been based on Officer Jenny.
  • In the anime, her hair color changed; in early episodes it was blue, in recent episodes, it is green. Although this may be a result of the animators switching from cel-shading to digital coloring.
  • She's called Officer Rocky in the German dub and Agente Mara in the Spanish one.
  • No Officer Jenny has been seen with a Generation III Pokémon in her party.
  • The Officer Jenny of LaRousse City is seen wearing a different uniform to all her counterparts, it being a far more elaborate version that the others (although it does retain the standard coloring and basic design scheme).

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