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コノハナ Konohana
274Nuzleaf PSMD.png
Artwork of Nuzleaf from Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.
Debuts in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Gender Male (dialogue only)
Ability Chlorophyll
Current location At Serene Village
This Pokémon has not evolved.
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Nuzleaf (Japanese: コノハナ Konohana) is a non-player character from Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. He takes care of the protagonist during their stay in Serene Village. However, it is later revealed he is being possessed by Dark Matter, and is one of the Pokémon behind the petrification of Pokémon across the world. Alongside Yveltal, he serves as one of the game's main antagonists during the second half of the main game.


The player first meets Nuzleaf while fleeing the three Beheeyem that found them after waking up as a Pokémon. After being told by the protagonist that they are, in fact human, the Beheeyem find the two, forcing Nuzleaf to escape with the player. Nuzleaf helps the player through Open Pass and Lush Forest while teaching them about the basics of Mystery Dungeons. After clearing the two dungeons, they arrive in Serene Village, where Nuzleaf agrees to let the player stay at his house. He also enrolls the player in the local school to help them blend in. Eventually, Nuzleaf leads the player and partner on an expedition to Revelation Mountain, a sacred location guarded by the villagers, in hopes of obtaining insight into the player's amnesiac condition. However, they are forced to abandon the expedition due to the Pokémon patrolling the area.

Later, while pursuing Krookodile, the player and their partner return to Serene Village alongside and Archen of the Expedition Society. After finding the village as peaceful as always, they run into Nuzleaf, whose turn it was to guard Revelation Mountain. He had come to report that a Pokémon fitting Krookodile's description had broken through the mountain's security. Nuzleaf led the player's group to the summit, where they find a shimmering lake of Luminous Water, protected by a pyramid-shaped barrier. Discovering that the barrier could only be broken by the player, and that the Luminous Water could revive Pokémon who were turned to stone, the player decides to break the barrier, only to be interrupted by Krookodile, who begins demanding the money Nuzleaf promised him for leading the player's group to the summit and writing the ominous warnings targeting Legendary Pokémon, along with Raikou and Suicune. After the player is forced to break the banner, Nuzleaf's demeanor completely changes, revealing himself to be the one responsible for the petrification incidents. Summoning Yveltal to his side, Nuzleaf turns the player's team, Krookodile, Raikou and Suicune into stone.

While the player, their partner, an the others attempt to escape the Voidlands, Nuzleaf and his group drained the lake of the Luminous Water, and petrify most of Serene Village and Lively Town's inhabitants. Surviving the attack, Espurr surrenders herself to Nuzleaf, and pretends to join his side, while leaking information about his movements to Ampharos and Jirachi. In addition, one of the Beheeyem breaks free of Dark Matter's mind control. Aware of that fact, Nuzleaf feeds the Beheeyem false information about the Prehistoric Ruins and the Tree of Life, knowing the traitor would lead the player and partner there. At the bottom of the ruins, Nuzleaf and the remaining Beheeyem corner the trio, scaring the turncoat back into the fold. Nuzleaf reveals that the player once clashed with Dark Matter as a human, which is why the Beheeyem fought them to begin with; the player's amnesia apparently happened as a result of the Beheeyem's Psychic attacks. Nuzleaf had masqueraded as an ally so he could gain the player's trust and eventually be led to the Luminous Water, and destroy it so Dark Matter's plans can continue uninterrupted. To further dispirit the player, he calls Espurr in and reveals that she has been for him. Before Nuzleaf can petrify the player a second time, Ampharos appears with Jirachi and Celebi, the latter teleporting everyone to Primeval Forest where the Tree of Life is.

The group makes their way to the center of the forest, discovering that the Tree of Life has already been possessed by Dark Matter and is almost completely dead. Nuzleaf, the Beheeyem, and Yveltal attack the group, all feral due to Dark Matter's increasing power. Nuzleaf turns the turncoat Beheeyem to stone before turning his petrification powers on Espurr, but the attack is blocked by the player and partner's Harmony Scarves and the Tree of Life itself. The player and partner evolve into their fully evolved forms, and take this chance to defeat Nuzleaf's group, wresting their minds from Dark Matter's control. However, Dark Matter steals Nuzleaf's group away and uproots the Tree of Life, causing it to rise into the sky and eventually crash into the sun.

The player and their partner find Nuzleaf's group in the Tree of Life's roots, being bound and tortured by Dark Matter's power. In their evolved states, the duo easily breaks Dark Matter's bindings. While Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem start escaping, the player's partner urges Yveltal to take Nuzleaf and the others someplace safe. After the two heroes leave, Yveltal warps its group to a pocket dimension to avoid Dark Matter's ever expanding power. During the final showdown, Nuzleaf and the others warp into Dark Matter's dimension to encourage the player and their partner, who had begun to falter after losing their evolved forms and learning that Dark Matter had turned every Pokémon in the world to stone. While they are soon turned to stone as well, Nuzleaf's, Yveltal's, and the Beheeyem's voices call out to them, and are soon joined by voices of Pokémon all over the world giving them encouragement. The words of encouragement break Dark Matter's shield and empower the player and partner to stop it once and for all.

After the final battle was won, the player, their partner, and Espurr return to Serene Village, where they discover that Nuzleaf went to the village to apologize to the villagers before going off to places unknown. Sometime later, Nuzleaf and the three Beheeyem learns of the player's partner's disappearance, Mew, and Xatu's vision. Eager to redeem themselves, Nuzleaf and the others "kidnap" Mew and take it to the Purifying Cave. When the player finds them, Nuzleaf explains that sacrificing Mew is the only way to eradicate Dark Matter for good. Suddenly, Mew begins to glow with light and seemingly fade away. Reminded of the partner's departure, the player refuses this, not wanting to say goodbye again. At this, the player's Harmony Scarf begins glowing, combining with the light surrounding Mew, which restores the partner. With everything resolved, Nuzleaf and Beheeyem are accepted in Serene Village as villagers.

The player automatically recruits Nuzleaf and Beheeyem after reaching the highest rank, Grand Master.

Nuzleaf's backstory before the events of the game is unknown.

Personality and characteristics

While caring for the player, Nuzleaf is shown to be a laid-back guardian, encouraging the player to explore the world around them, a contrast to Carracosta's protective, if not overbearing, treatment of the player's partner. He often leaves the house for several days at a time. Nuzleaf speaks with a slight southern accent, or a Tōhoku dialect in the Japanese versions.

After being freed from Dark Matter's control, Nuzleaf blames himself for the trouble he brought to the world, and genuinely seeks redemption. Because of this, he has difficulty talking to the player after the incident.


Open Pass and Lush Forest Revelation Mountain
Boosts: +50 HP*
Road to Primeval Forest
Boosts: +200 HP
Grass Dark
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Nuzleaf Lv.30
Feint Attack
Dark Physical
Normal Physical
Normal Physical
Low Sweep
Fighting Physical
Grass Dark
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Nuzleaf Lv.30
Razor Leaf
Grass Physical
Normal Physical
Normal Physical
Low Sweep
Fighting Physical
Grass Dark
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Nuzleaf Lv.40
Feint Attack
Dark Physical
Fake Out
Normal Physical
Normal Physical
Razor Leaf
Grass Physical


First meeting

  • "Huh? What's wrong? What are you all in a fuss for?"
  • "Whoa! What did I do to you?! Ow, sorry!"
  • "I'm Nuzleaf! It's all right now, so just calm down."
  • "Whoa! What in the world?! Eek! I'm scared!"
  • "Oh no... Ain't that one of them mystery dungeons up ahead?"
  • "Ahhh! There ain't any other way to go!"

In Open Pass

  • "These mystery dungeons sure are mysterious, all right..."
  • "Every time you go into one, it'll have a different layout and different items in it."

After clearing Lush Forest

  • "Ah, consarn it all! Don't go lookin' at me with them baby-doll eyes! Why, them Beheeyem might come along an' attack again at any moment. I can't hardly leave no child all alone here in such conditions, no sir."
  • "I calculate I'm plumb outta options. You could come to my place..."
  • "Yeah? I reckon we might oughta get movin'!"
  • "You see that there lake? That there little village on the shore is where I live... Serene Village."

At the summit of Revelation Mountain

  • "Muwuhahahaha! I reckon the time has come! I finally done broke the barrier! The barrier over the spring!"
  • "Now we can become... invincible!"
  • "You done good, Krookodile! I reckon you've earned your reward!"
  • "It was me. I'm the one that turned all them Pokémon to stone."
  • "(player). I reckon I feel bad about trickin' you this whole time."
  • "All of this... started when you lost your memory."
  • "I reckon them Beheeyem did their part by now."
  • "On the other hand, if we just get us some of this water right here... we can be invincible!"

At the Prehistoric Ruins

  • "I sure never did believe that you two would figure a way outta being turned to stone..."
  • "I don't know how you wrangled it... But I think I'll just send y'all back to the Voidlands... right now!"
  • "You wanna know why? You serious, kid? You mean you ain't heard it from that Beheeyem right there beside you?"
  • "Oh, so you haven't heard it all? I just went and figured you'd know the whole sorry tale by now..."
  • "Oh, so that's it, huh? Didn't want to admit to what you'd done? Sure enough... No one in his right mind would. Heh heh heh..."
  • "Then you just let me do the talkin'."
  • "The only reason (player) here ain't had no memory all this time... is because that Beheeyem right there went and erased it all."
  • "(player)... You still know who you were when you first came along to this here world."
  • "Before you lost your memories, you even tried battling me and my pals here."
  • "While we were all fighting, though... you got hit with a dose of ol' Beheeyem's psychic power... and plumb forgot who you were."
  • "And so that's when we hatched our little plan. That's when we decided to trick (player)."
  • "It was all to get our hands on that Luminous Water, of course. No one but a human could break the barrier on that spring... That's the way them ancient Pokémon had set it up to be."
  • "And (player) here... Well, (player) here was summoned by the spirit of an ancient Pokémon... and was brought right through the bounds of time and space."
  • "All in an effort to save this world."
  • "It was all planned by them ancient Pokémon that had seen what the future held."
  • "But we managed to find out that there would be a human brought to this here world."
  • "And a human could help Pokémon turned to stone return to normal with Luminous Water."
  • "That'd be a real problem for us, if that started happenin'."
  • "So we decided to strike first, before any pesky human could break that barrier..."
  • "And we headed out with a plan to put (player) there to an end."
  • "You remember the spot? There by the waterfall? Never wondered why you were there?"
  • "That's where we fought you. And during that battle..."
  • "(player), you lost all your memories thanks to a real fine psychic hit."
  • "Soon as I heard that from the Beheeyem here... I knew just what to do. The plan just popped into my head."
  • "Sure, the Luminous Water was a real pain..."
  • "But if we could absorb its power, we could get even stronger than ever!"
  • "All I had to do was guarantee that the barrier would be broken while I was there."
  • "And that's why I needed (player), not as an enemy... but as an ally."
  • "And that's why I started that fool's masquerade."
  • "First I had them Beheeyem attack you... so that (player) would fear 'em as enemies."
  • "Then all I had to do was appear on the scene."
  • "And while we ran from them villains together..."
  • "(player) naturally came to trust me."
  • "Then all I had to do was get (player) to come back to Serene Village with me."
  • "Everything went swimmingly."
  • "Sure, I didn't succeed in getting y'all up Revelation Mountain on my first try. But..."
  • "But in the end, I got (player) there to break the barrier on the spring, all right!"
  • "I was able to dry up all the Luminous Water and take its power for my own."
  • "Yeah, and I sure do thank you for your help with that, fools."
  • "But I'm afraid you've done all you can for me, and now you ain't nothin' but loose ends."
  • "Especially (player) there. You were brought here to save this world, after all. So you're about the biggest problem there could be to have still runnin' around."
  • "Might be this room looks like any regular old room to y'all. But that's where you'd be wrong."
  • "Any Pokémon that get turned to stone right here in this special room... get dropped straight down into the deepest pit at the bottom of the Voidlands."
  • "You know what I'm talking about, at least, don't you, Beheeyem? You well know how frightening that place is."
  • "Once you're down there in the pits of the Voidlands... you ain't never comin' back up. Not even you, (player).
  • "Finally get it, don't you? Why I tricked y'all into coming here."
  • "Your friends? Mwahaha. Well, ain't that precious."
  • "Who do you think it was what helped us get y'all down here and trapped you?"
  • "Who do y'all think was the mastermind behind all our plans?"
  • "Looks like you're in luck. Cause here comes one of your "friends" right now.
  • "Espurr here's been helpin' us all keep in touch ever since then, you see."
  • "While pretendin' to be helpin' Ampharos and them with the same, naturally."
  • "Thanks to that, we know every move those fools make. It's given us a real upper hand in this fight."
  • "Hey, you... You traitor."
  • "If you wanna come back over to our side right about now... I'll let your little slip here pass."
  • "How 'bout it? You think you could take on (player) and the other runt?"
  • "Heh heh heh! Would you look at that. There's your friendship for ya."
  • "The friends you thought you could trust. And even the ones you're none too sure about."
  • "They're all the same in the end."
  • "Havin' faith in someone else might rightly give you the courage to keep on fightin'."
  • "But how about now, when you ain't got nobody left to believe in?"
  • "There ain't nothin' left for you in this world."
  • "So you be good little pawns... and let me turn y'all back into stone!"
  • "Wh-who in the world-?!"

In the Tree of Life

  • "Y-you... runts..."
  • "Ungh!"
  • "Um... Now, y'all..."
  • "I reckon I've been unfair to the two of you all this time..."
  • "Lyin' to you and even lookin' down on you, if I'm to be perfectly honest..."
  • "I did all that... I did all that, and still... Still y'all!"

While fighting Dark Matter

  • "I sure am sorry, (player)! And apologies to you, too, (partner)!
  • "I hope this'll make up for some of my wrongs!"
  • "I know y'all ain't likely to forgive me for what I done to you in the past, but still..."
  • "(player)! (partner)! I... I just want y'all to know that I..."
  • "Don't y'all give up."

In Purifying Cave

  • "I'm mighty sorry, (player)!"
  • "I know I've caused you no end of trouble, child..."
  • "Truth is I didn't want to have to do this... But..."
  • "But we've gotta wipe out that Dark Matter once and for all!"
  • "We can't go through that kinda thing again!"
  • "I'm sorry, (player!) But it's gotta end! You've just gotta accept this!"
  • "Th-that's-"
  • "Wh-what in the world?!"
  • "Yeah... That was a situation, indeed. You whupped us good, kid."
  • "But that don't matter."
  • "Xatu! It really did work, right?"
  • "Y-yeah?"
  • "Well, ain't that somethin' y'all?! We finally... went and did what's right..."
  • "I'm feelin' fine as cream gravy!"

In Serene Village after completing Purifying Cave

  • "(player)... Well... I reckon... these here villagers have accepted them Beheeyem and me... even after all we done to 'em."
  • "They still went on and forgave us. I reckon I can't ever thank 'em enough."
  • "I do believe I will do whatever I can for this here village from now on."
  • "If you should need me... I'll go on adventures with you."
  • "So... Well..."
  • "Uhh... Welcome home, I reckon."


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