Nurse Joy

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Many Nurse Joys have jobs, positions, hobbies, or areas of study other than just a Pokemon Nurse:

  • In The Joy of Water Pokemon, the Nurse Joy at Lake Lucid also studied methods of caring for Water Pokemon and her ancestors were environmentalists who worked on cleaning a polluted lake. Her ancestors were also authors.
  • In Showdown in Dark City, A nurse joy who was a member of the Pokemon Inspection Agency appeared, carrying her Chansey in a rather unique pokeball.
  • In Cerulean Blues there was another Agent Joy. However, this Joy didn't wear the Nurse Joy attire (not even the hat!) and might not have been a Nurse.
  • The fossil-digging Nurse Joy appeared in Shell Shock! digging up Kabuto Fossils. This Joy's helmet had a cross, indicating her nurse status.
  • The athletic Nurse Joy who paddled at high speeds to help pokemon abroad was featured in The Joy of Pokemon.
  • A bespectacled Joy who studied Pokemon Psychology appeared in Chikorita's Big Upset.