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For the nurse who appears in Pokémon Centers in the games, see Pokémon Center Nurse or Teala.

Nurse Joy
ジョーイ Joy
Art of Nurse Joy from the XY series
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto, Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Decolore Islands, Kalos
Relatives Other Nurse Joys
DP028: Karsten (husband), Marnie and Paige (daughters)
Trainer class Nurse
Generation I
Games Yellow
Anime debut Pokémon Emergency!
English voice actor Megan Hollingshead

Bella Hudson
(AG049-AG144, BW127)
Michele Knotz
Alyson Rosenfeld
(BW002- present)
Japanese voice actor Ayako Shiraishi
(EP002-EP229; M01)
Yuriko Yamaguchi
(EP245-DP022; DP051-DP190; SS002-SS013; SS025; SS027; M11; TLoT; MoMP)
Kikuko Inoue
Chika Fujimura
Chinatsu Akasaki

Nurse Joy (Japanese: ジョーイ Joy, referred to as ジョーイさん Joy-san by most characters) are kind nurses who take care of Pokémon. As revealed in Drifloon in the Wind!, Joy is not the first name of these women, but actually the family name. Her Japanese name is a play on 女医 joi, woman doctor. They are based on the in-game Pokémon Center Nurses.

In the anime

Character and About

Three Nurse Joys as they appear in Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh

Nurse Joy is not a single entity. Rather, there are many Joys who work as nurses across the various regions of the Pokémon world.

As a rule, Nurse Joys are kind, earnest, honest Pokémon nurses who take care of sick and injured Pokémon, but will confront a Pokémon Trainer if they are not properly caring for their Pokémon.

Nurse Joys are all extremely similar-looking relatives. They are not entirely identical, though aside from themselves, it seems that Brock is the only one who can tell them apart. However, each Nurse Joy will have a different color cross on her hat that indicates which location she works at.

There are several notable Nurse Joys who appear vastly different from the others. A Nurse Joy acts as the Pokémon League inspector in Showdown at Dark City, her first appearance as anything but an ordinary Nurse Joy. Another Nurse Joy living in the Orange Archipelago has made her career instead as an archaeologist, leading an expedition to a deserted island in Shell Shock. A muscle-bound, kayak-paddling Nurse Joy who also lives in the archipelago was featured, along with her befriended giant Magikarp, in The Joy of Pokémon. Other Nurse Joys living on the islands have a noticeably darker skin tone than their mainland counterparts, likely due to living in a more tropical region. In The Island of Illusions!, a Nurse Joy appears as a Pokémon Center investigator, tasked with the investigation of illegally operating Pokémon Centers. Not unlike the Pokémon League inspector Nurse Joy, her first appearance did not allude to her true identity, and she was visibly older when she finally revealed herself.

Two young Joys named Marnie and Paige

Although there are many exceptions, Nurse Joy will generally have Chansey in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the Orange Archipelago, Audino in Unova and the Decolore Islands, and Wigglytuff in Kalos to assist her. Chansey's evolution introduced in Generation II, Blissey, also appears on occasion.

There is a similarity between the families of Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Don George and Porter. Fans have speculated about some sort of relation or deeper connection; however, the only thing known for sure about the four families is that they are on good terms.

Nurse Joys give out starter Pokémon to Trainers in towns or cities without Pokémon Professors, such as Slateport City. Adhering to their role as government workers, they are also inspectors for the Pokémon Inspection Agency, grading Pokémon Gyms.

Nurse Joys also judge Pokémon Contests and the Grand Festivals. This makes them not just good nurses, but good judges as well.


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Nurse Joy in the Best Wishes series

Nurse Joy debuted in Pokémon Emergency. With his Pikachu critically injured from the events of the last episode, Ash rushed the Electric Mouse Pokémon to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City with the help of the Officer Jenny of the area. After healing Pikachu, Team Rocket overtook the Pokémon Center, forcing her to rely on her own Pikachu generator built inside the lab. While they hid from Team Rocket, Nurse Joy activated the computer and started to transfer the Poké Balls containing injured Pokémon to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City. The next morning, the Nurse Joy from Pewter City called and told her sister that all the Pokémon had made it safely to her center, to which the Viridian Nurse Joy was grateful.

A Nurse Joy who appeared in The Joy of Water Pokémon was in charge of a Pokémon Center which specialized in Water-type Pokémon, despite being afraid of them herself. Two young Joys, named Marnie and Paige, appeared in Drifloon on the Wind, where it was revealed that Joy is the surname of the family, rather than the given name of each individual woman. Their mother, of course, was an ordinary Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy, like Ash, received a redesign when the Best Wishes series began, as well as a change of clothes. All Nurse Joys in Unova have this new design. She would later receive another redesign at the beginning of the XY series.


The following are Pokémon that recurrently appear with Nurse Joy in the anime.

Nurse Joy's Chansey
Main article: Nurse Joy's Chansey

Almost every Nurse Joy in Kanto, the Orange Archipelago, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh has been seen owning Chansey functioning as nurses.

Debut Pokémon Emergency!
Voice actors
Japanese Tomoe Hanba
English Emily Jenness
Nurse Joy's Audino
Main article: Nurse Joy's Audino

In the Unova region and Decolore Islands, Nurse Joys have Audino functioning as nurses.

Debut Dreams by the Yard Full!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff
Main article: Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff

In the Kalos region, Nurse Joys have Wigglytuff functioning as nurses.

Debut A Battle of Aerial Mobility!


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This listing is for Pokémon various individual Nurse Joys have had during the course of the anime.

Nurse Joy's Pikachu
Pikachu (multiple)
Nurse Joy uses many of these Pikachu to power the back-up generator in the Viridian City Pokémon Center when the main power gets cut. After charging the generators for a bit, the Pikachu come out to the main lobby and jump on top of Ash's Pikachu, who is in critical condition. Using Thunder Shock, they both attack the pursuing Team Rocket and heal Ash's Pikachu at the same time.

Pikachu's only known move is Thunder Shock.

Debut Pokémon Emergency!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani
Rachael Lillis
Nurse Joy's Magnemite
Magnemite (multiple)
Many Magnemite were seen on the telephone screen while Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Ethan were talking to Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in a nearby town. They were used to generate electricity and run the Pokémon Center.

None of Magnemite's moves are known.

Debut Get Along, Little Pokémon
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Addie Blaustein
Giant Bulbasaur
Giant Bulbasaur
On Mandarin Island, an unknown Pokémon hiding in the sewers of Trovitopolis was "menacing" the town. The Pokémon turned out to be a giant Bulbasaur that was once abandoned by the Mayor of Trovitopolis, and was eventually adopted by Nurse Joy.

Bulbasaur's only known move is Vine Whip.

Debut The Mystery Menace
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Tara Jayne
Nurse Joy's Blissey
Chansey → Blissey
Main article: Nurse Joy's Blissey

The Nurse Joy of Happy Town owns a Blissey who is an old friend of Jessie. This Blissey was clumsy—the more she tried to help, the more problems she caused.

Debut Ignorance is Blissey
Voice actors
Japanese Mako Hyōdō
English Rachael Lillis
Like all residents of Bloomingvale, Nurse Joy owns a Sunflora that she received in a trade from Cyrus. Sonrisa's Sunflora, Sunny, used to play with Gwendela when it was with Cyrus, but became gloomy after it was traded. Sunny was led to Gwendela and soon started to dance.

None of Sunflora's moves are known.

Debut Grin to Win!
Voice actors
English Rachael Lillis
Nurse Joy's Jynx
The Nurse Joy who lives inside the Ice Path runs a Pokémon Center that takes care of several Ice-type Pokémon—a Jynx being one of them. Jynx is Nurse Joy's main helper in the center, much like the Chansey of most other centers.

Jynx's known moves are Blizzard, Powder Snow, and Lovely Kiss.

Debut EP250
Nurse Joy's Swinub
Swinub (multiple)
The Nurse Joy who lives inside the Ice Path runs a Pokémon Center that takes care of several Ice-type Pokémon—many of them being Swinub.

Swinub's only known move is Powder Snow.

Debut EP250
Nurse Joy's Piloswine
Piloswine (multiple)
The Nurse Joy who lives inside the Ice Path runs a Pokémon Center that takes care of several Ice-type Pokémon—some of them being Piloswine. Piloswine is used for sledding, similar to sled dogs in the real world.

Piloswine's known moves are Powder Snow and Blizzard.

Debut EP250
Nurse Joy's Torchic

Nurse Joy's Combusken
Torchic → Combusken
As a Torchic, it was supposed to be given to a beginning Trainer in Hoenn. It was a crafty and quite strong, by pretending to cry in front of Pikachu and managing to defeat Corphish. It gained so much experience that it evolved into a Combusken. Once it evolved, it could no longer be given away, and so it stayed in the Pokémon Center.

Combusken's known moves are Scratch, Peck, Ember, and Flamethrower.

Debut Having a Wailord of a Time
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Rachael Lillis (as Torchic)
Darren Dunstan (as Combusken)
Nurse Joy's Ponyta
Ritchie rode Nurse Joy's Ponyta from Marion Town, successfully changing the past by preventing Nick's death.

None of Ponyta's moves are known.

Debut Celebi and Joy
Nurse Joy's Scizor
The Nurse Joy of Saffron City was seen using a Scizor to cut Jessie's hair after James's Cacnea had gotten tangled into them during her contest training.

None of Scizor's moves are known.

Debut The Saffron Con
Nurse Joy's Oddish
An Oddish was owned by the Nurse Joy who participated in the Pokémon Orienteering competition.

None of Oddish's moves are known.

Debut Off the Unbeaten Path
Nurse Joy's Meganium
The Nurse Joy of Camomile Island owns a Meganium that is in love with a wild Tropius. Grovyle was, in turn, in love with Meganium; Grovyle battled with Tropius for Meganium.

Meganium's known moves are Aromatherapy, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Growl.

Debut Odd Pokémon Out!
Drifloon (×4)
Drifloon (×4)
Marnie and Paige, two young daughters of a Nurse Joy, own four Drifloon.

None of Drifloon's moves are known.

Debut Drifloon On the Wind!
Nurse Joy of Pastoria City owns a Croagunk named Chrissy (Japanese: グレミ Guremi). Hamilton proposed his Croagunk, Craig, to Chrissy, but Brock broke into the argument, proposing his Croagunk to Chrissy. Later on, when Team Rocket invaded, Chrissy defeated their mecha and was pronounced winner of the Pastoria Croagunk Festival because of this act.

Chrissy's only known move is Vacuum Wave.

Debut Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
Nurse Joy's Blissey
The Nurse Joy near Lake Acuity owns a Blissey, a different Blissey than the Blissey owned by the Nurse Joy of Happy Town.

None of Blissey's moves are known.

Debut Uncrushing Defeat!
Voice actors
English Emily Jenness
Nurse Joy's Latias
A Nurse Joy from the Pokémon Inspection Agency owns a Latias. She was used to battle against Forrest's Rhyperior in the Pewter Gym, in order to determine whether the Gym should be closed or not. Although Latias won the battle, Nurse Joy was impressed by Forrest's skill and spared the Pewter Gym.

Latias's known moves are Dragon Pulse, Recover, Ice Beam, and Steel Wing.

Debut SS025
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara


Nurse Joy's Magikarp

Nurse Joy's Gyarados
Magikarp → Gyarados
Nurse Joy befriended a Gyarados when it was a giant Magikarp. It first appeared as a Magikarp when it jumped out of the water in front of Ash and his friends. Nurse Joy appeared and fed it tablets, saying the Pokémon that live on the islands are too small for a Pokémon Center and need medicine if sick. It was later revealed that Nurse Joy had known Magikarp since she was small and found it washed up on the shore; she later cared for it as it grew and grew. The Magikarp later appeared when Team Rocket captured Ash and his friends, including Nurse Joy, stopping them from helping a very sick Seel. Magikarp appeared and rammed Team Rocket's submarine, then suddenly evolved into a Gyarados and defeated Team Rocket.

Gyarados's only known move is Tackle.

Debut The Joy of Pokémon
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Addie Blaustein (as Magikarp)
Unshō Ishizuka (as Gyarados)
Nurse Joy's Zorua

Nurse Joy's Zoroark
Zorua → Zoroark
Zoroark first appeared as a Giant Pokémon in front of the cruise Ash and his friends were on. Next, it appeared on Mahora Islet as a giant Heatmor, creating a fire in a forest with its Flamethrower. Its next trick was creating an illusion of a giant Meowth scaring Team Rocket this time. Then at the Pokémon Center located at Mahora Islet, it was revealed that as a Zorua, it had befriended a Nurse Joy in the past. Eventually, the two met each other again in the present. In the end, Zoroark was seen along with Nurse Joy waving goodbye to Ash and the others as they were leaving the island.

Zoroark's only known move is Flamethrower*, and its Ability is Illusion.

Debut The Island of Illusions!

Given away

Stephanie's Mudkip
Stephanie's Mudkip was looked after by Ash and Max. At first it seemed to be a crybaby, but after being looked after by Brock's Mudkip, everything turned out fine and it was picked by Stephanie as her starter Pokémon.

None of Mudkip's moves are known.

Debut Having a Wailord of a Time
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Lindsey Warner
Stephanie's father's Treecko
Stephanie's father's Treecko was looked after by Ash and Max. She seemed to take a liking to Ash's Treecko in that she held something in her mouth, in her case a flower. She was picked by Stephanie's father because she had nowhere to go.

None of Treecko's moves are known.

Debut Having a Wailord of a Time
Voice actors
Japanese Yuji Ueda
English Dan Green


Nurse Joy's Squirtle
Squirtle is one of the Pokémon owned by the Pokémon League entrance exam instructor. It appeared under Nurse Joy's command, battling the instructor's Charmander. It is unknown who won.

Squirtle's known moves are Water Gun and Skull Bash.

Debut The Ultimate Test
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 白石文子 Ayako Shiraishi (EP002-EP229; M01)
山口由里子 Yuriko Yamaguchi (EP245-DP022; DP051-DP190; SS002-SS013; SS025; SS027; M11; The Legend of Thunder!)
井上喜久子 Kikuko Inoue (DP025-DP050; M10)
藤村知可 Chika Fujimura (BW002-BW138)
赤﨑千夏 Chinatsu Akasaki (XY003-present)
English Megan Hollingshead (EP002-AG042, movie 1)
Bella Hudson (AG049-AG144, BW127, Pokémon Chronicles)
Michele Knotz (The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon-DP190, BW116)
Alyson Rosenfeld (BW002-M16)
Arabic امال سعد الدين Amaal Sa'ad Ad-Din
Catalan Eva Bau
Czech Klára Jandová (EP002-EP207)
Eva Spoustová (DP002-DP102)
Jana Páleníčková (DP106-present)
Danish Ann Hjort
Louise Engel
Dutch Mandy Huydts (EP002-DP190)
Lizemijn Libgott (BW002-present)
Filipino Ahlee Reyes
French Canada Julie Burroughs
Europe Lydia Cherton
German Christine Stichler
Melanie Manstein
Tatjana Pokorny
Katharina Iacobescu
Hebrew דנה רישפי Dana Rishfi
אתי קסטרו Etti Castro
Hungarian Oláh Orsolya
Italian Sonia Mazza
Laura Brambilla
Korean 이선 Lee Seon
Norwegian Anine Kruse
Siri Nilsen (BW002-BW047)
Polish Anna Bielańska (EP002-EP207, first movie)
Agata Rzeszewska (EP210-AG040, DP055-present, eleventh movie)
Joanna Węgrzynowska (DP002-DP052, fifteenth movie)
Portuguese Brazil Fátima Noya (original series-Diamond & Pearl series)
Samira Fernandes (Best Wishes series)
Portugal Helena Montez (EP002-EP126)
Dora Cruz (EP129-EP157)
Paula Pais (EP159-EP207)
Carla (EP210-EP258)
Sandra de Castro (EP267-AG091, AG159-AG175)
Raquel Ferreira (AG095-AG144)
Ana Madureira (AG180-AG192)
Rita Fernandes (DP002-DP051)
Zélia Santos (DP055-present)
Spanish Latin America Liliana Barba (Viridian nurse in EP002)
Mildred Barrera (Pewter nurse in EP002, EP011-present)
Mariana Ortiz (EP005)
Christine Byrd (movie 1)
Georgina Sánchez (EP245-EP258, AG087)
Ángela Villanueva (Old, SS013)
Erica Edwards (AG151)
Spain Isacha Mengíbar (EP002-EP014)
Pilar Martín (EP020-DP190)
Sara Heras (BW002-present)
Swedish Maria Rydberg

In the games

Nurse Joy inside the Pokémon Center as seen in Yellow Version

Nurse Joy, like many anime characters, has a game counterpart. Nurse Joy does appear, however, in Pokémon Yellow; she replaces the Pokémon Center Nurse and is accompanied by a Chansey in every Pokémon Center. Furthermore, an old news page from Game Freak on Pokémon Yellow suggests that her name is in fact Joy (ジョーイ).


Nurse Joy OD.png
Overworld sprite
from Yellow


Spr 1y 113.png

In the manga

Nurse Joy in The Electric Tale of Pikachu
Nurse Joy in Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys

In the Ash and Pikachu manga

Nurse Joy first appeared in The Birth Of The Invincible Team, Max And Ralts!! of the Ash and Pikachu manga.

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Nurse Joy makes a cameo appearance in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga series, which is based on the Pokémon anime. She appears in You Gotta Have Friends, where she recommends that Ash take Pikachu on a trip to the countryside to relieve stress, as it has been battling too hard. Brock is the only character that can tell the many Nurse Joys apart.

Generic Nurses appear at various points in the manga as well.

In the movie adaptations

Similar to the anime, Nurse Joy has made some appearances in movie adaptations such as Genesect and the Legend Awakened.

In the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga

In the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga, which is based on the Pokémon anime, Nurse Joy appears for the first time in Hurry Up! Dawn's Pinch!!. Later, she makes a return appearance in Reunion.

In the Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys manga

Nurse Joy appeared in Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!! of Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys taking care of Gold's Totodile.


Nurse Joy Chansey Golden Boys.png


  • Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Don George all have Japanese names that begin with the kana ジ, while their English names all start with the same sound, . They also all happen to be part of a large, extended family.
  • Every Nurse Joy in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova can be easily told apart by the color of the cross on their hat, while Nurse Joys in the Kalos region are told apart by the color of the badge on their lapel. Colors can repeat in different regions, however.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジョーイ Joy From 女医 joi (woman doctor).
English Nurse Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Brazilian Enfermeira Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Chinese (Cantonese) 祖兒 Jóuyìh
喬伊 Kìuhyī
Transliteration of her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 喬伊 / 乔伊 Qiáoyī Transliteration of her Japanese name.
Danish Søster Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Dutch Zuster Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Finnish Hoitaja Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
French Infirmière Joëlle From the Japanese name, with title added.
German Schwester Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Korean 간호순 Ganhosun From 간호사 ganhosa (nurse).
Polish Siostra Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Romanian Sora Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.
Russian Сестра Джой Transliteration of her Japanese name, with title added.
Spanish Enfermera Joy Same as the Japanese name, with title added.

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