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Blissey appeared again in ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'', attending the wedding of [[Professor Kukui]] and [[Professor Burnet]] with Nurse Joy.
Blissey appeared again in ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'', attending the wedding of [[Professor Kukui]] and [[Professor Burnet]] with Nurse Joy.
It will reappear in [[SM068]].
It reappeared in [[SM068]].
==Personality and characteristics==
==Personality and characteristics==

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Nurse Joy's Blissey
ジョーイのハピナス Joy's Happinas
Nurse Joy Blissey.png
Nurse Joy's Blissey
Debuts in Ignorance is Blissey
Caught at Unknown
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With the Nurse Joys
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Blissey Mako Hyōdō (EP129) Rachael Lillis (EP129)
Emily Jenness (DP133)
Sarah Natochenny (SM004-present)

Nurse Joy's Blissey (Japanese: ジョーイのハピナス Joy's Happinas) are Pokémon owned by Nurse Joys in Happy Town, Lake Acuity, and Alola.


Original series

As a Chansey
Blissey and Jessie putting together the good luck charm

Sometime prior to Ignorance is Blissey, Jessie met a Blissey from Happy Town as a Chansey. She explains to James and Meowth that she had studied with the particular Chansey in a Pokémon Nurse School together, where they had become best friends. Jessie, unfortunately, did not qualify to become a nurse and quit the school, due to the fact that she is not a Pokémon, so she cannot learn the move Sing. Chansey had given part of the medal she had received as a nurse to Jessie so that they could remember each other.

Blissey made her first official appearance in Ignorance is Blissey. Ash and his friends had met up with Blissey in the Pokémon Center. Seeing that they were hungry, she prepared food for them but due to her over-enthusiasm, she spilled the food on them. A well-meaning yet clumsy Pokémon, the more Blissey tried to help, the more problems she caused. When Team Rocket tried to steal food from the center, Jessie met Blissey and they immediately recognized each other. Blissey then gave Team Rocket most of the food in the pantry. The others in the Pokémon Center soon found out and everyone blamed Blissey. Wanting to help her friend, Jessie pretended that she had tricked Blissey into giving them the food. She also faked attacking her to make Nurse Joy and the others believe her. They were soon thrown out, but not before Jessie whispered to her friend Blissey to keep it a secret.

Nurse Joy and her Blissey

Diamond & Pearl series

The Blissey from Happy Town reappeared in Jessie's flashback during One Big Happiny Family!.

Another Blissey reappeared in Uncrushing Defeat! where she was seen with Nurse Joy in the Pokémon Center near Lake Acuity. She along with Nurse Joy and Chansey heal Ash's Pokémon after Ash lost to Paul in their Full Battle. Blissey was later seen watching a show Dawn put on with her Pokémon. She then watched as Ash took on Team Rocket and his Pokémon combined their attacks to blast Team Rocket off.

Sun & Moon series

Blissey first appeared with Nurse Joy in Alola in First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!.

In Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, a Blissey was revealed to be used by Nurse Joy in a Pokémon Center on Melemele Island. It oversaw Nurse Joy as she helped to heal an injured Popplio, which Lana had rescued from some Team Skull Grunts who were harassing it.

Blissey reappeared in That's Why the Litten is a Scamp!, where it was about to treat Ash for the scratches he had received from Litten. However, it wasn't able to when Ash chased after Litten when it escaped.

Blissey reappeared again in One Journey Ends, Another Begins..., where it helped treat Stoutland when it became ill.

Blissey appeared again in The Professors' New Adventure!, attending the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet with Nurse Joy.

It reappeared in SM068.

Personality and characteristics

The Blissey from Happy Town was shown to be very clumsy, as seen when she fell after trying to give food to Ash and his friends. Despite that, the Happy Town Blissey had a good friendship with Jessie as they studied together in a Pokémon Nurse School when Blissey was a Chansey. Despite the fact that Chansey graduated from the school whereas Jessie didn't, their friendship stayed as Chansey gave Jessie half of the egg-shaped pendent to remember each other by. By the time Jessie got to reunite with Chansey who was now a Blissey, they were both happy to see each other and Jessie did everything she can to keep Blissey out of trouble.

Similar to the other recurring Pokémon that Nurse Joy have, both the Blissey from Happy Town and the other Blissey were shown to be very helpful.

Moves used

Nurse Joy Chansey Sing.png
Using Sing as a
Move First Used In
Sing Ignorance is Blissey
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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