North Petalburg

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North Petalburg
キタトウカシティ North Touka City
North Petalburg.png
North Petalburg Town Center
Region Hoenn
Debut A Double Dilemma

North Petalburg (Japanese: キタトウカシティ North Touka City) is an anime-exclusive city located just north of Petalburg City in Hoenn. It appeared in A Double Dilemma. It has an open square with a water fountain and a green park used for battles. It also has many high-rise buildings, a Pokémon Center, and a media outlet called the North Petalburg News, which reporter Dee Dunstan works for.

The entire city is notably obsessed with the Petalburg Gym Leader Norman, with residents seen selling memorabilia and wearing Norman badges and shirts. This obsession also extends to Norman's family, including his daughter and son. North Petalburg's enthusiasm for Norman and his family turned out to be overbearing and exhausting for Ash and his friends.

North Petalburg is home to Rose and husband Yaohei, who run a fresh produce store.

Pokémon seen in North Petalburg

North Petalburg Golduck.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Aron Spheal.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Zangoose.png
North Petalburg Various.png
North Petalburg Aron Spheal.png

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