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(Japanese: ノノミ Nonomi) is a character of the day who appeared in BW109. She was a new trainer just starting out on her journey, and was on her way to Nuvema Town to get her Starter Pokémon from Professor Juniper. She is very anxious and fears that everything will turn out worse than the reality. Ash and his friends meet her as she is having trouble crossing over a bridge. They cross ahead of her, reassuring her that the bridge is safe. Later when she arrives at the lab, she refuses to go inside, fearing it is full of hostile Galvantula, and instead calls out to anyone inside. She's met with Ash and his friends again who invite her inside, and again she panics, fearing Professor Juniper will be cruel to her. Instead, the Professor greets her with a smile, and releases Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott so she may choose one as her starter. Nonomi decides to take Tepig, as she worries that a Serperior will constrict her, or that an Oshawott will drench her in her sleep.

Ash, Cilan, and Iris decide to help Nonomi bond with Tepig through a tag battle. She initially tells Tepig to use Thunderbolt, and Ash teaches her that Tepig can't use Thunderbolt since it's a Fire-type, and to look up its moves in her Pokédex. The battle is interrupted when Team Rocket appears. In a panic, Nonomi quickly returns Tepig to its Poké Ball as the other Pokémon are stunned by Amoonguss's Stun Spore. Team Rocket nearly manage to steal Pikachu, but Nonomi is able to distract Team Rocket with Tepig, who ends up being captured instead. Ash then sends Unfezant and Pikachu to rescue Tepig, and it is returned to Nonomi.


Tepig was given to Nonomi by Professor Juniper. During their first tag battle they were attacked by Team Rocket, and Tepig managed to distract Team Rocket before they could steal Pikachu, but ended up being captured itself. It was then rescued by Unfezant and Pikachu and returned to its trainer.

Tepig's known moves are Ember, and Tackle.

Debut BW109
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