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| ensetnum = 50
| ensetnum = 50
| enrelease = November 16th, 2011
| enrelease = November 16th, 2011
| jacards = 66
| jacards = 72
| jasetnum = 47
| jasetnum = 47
| alt =
| alt =

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Noble Victories
Noble Victories logo.png
Cards in set English: 100+
Japanese: 72
Set number English: 50
Japanese: 47
Release date English: November 16th, 2011
Japanese: July 15th, 2011
Theme Decks ()
Black & White Collection
Red Collection
Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard

Noble Victories (Japanese: レッドコレクション Red Collection) is the name given to the third main expansion of cards from the English Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is the second main expansion in Japan.


Noble Victories will feature more than 100 Pokémon cards, most of which will be coming from the Japanese Red Collection's 59 and the Battle Theme Deck: Victini's 14. In both Japanese and English releases, Victini is the feature Pokémon of the expansion. This set brings the first Pokémon Tool cards and Fossil Pokémon since the Arceus expansion, and features the Fossil Pokémon in a brand new way as Revived Pokémon.

When the Japanese Red Collection is combined with the Black & White Collections, the first 153 Pokémon in the Unova region are featured. In both English and Japanese releases, this set gives each of the final officially announced Pokémon at least one card in the Trading Card Game.

Card list

Noble Victories

No. Card Name Type Rarity
Karrablast Grass
Shelmet Grass
Accelgor Grass Rare
Tirtouga Water
Carracosta Water
Archen Fighting
Archeops Fighting
Deino Darkness
Zweilous Darkness
Hydreigon Darkness
Escavalier Metal Rare
Druddigon Colorless
Plume Fossil I Uncommon
Cover Fossil I Uncommon
N Su SuperRare Holo

Red Collection

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/066 Dwebble Grass Common
002/066 Crustle Grass Common
003/066 Karrablast Grass Common
004/066 Foongus Grass Common
005/066 Amoonguss Grass Common
006/066 Shelmet Grass Common
007/066 Accelgor Grass Uncommon
008/066 Virizion Grass Rare Holo
009/066 Victini Fire Rare Holo
010/066 Heatmor Fire Common
011/066 Larvesta Fire Common
012/066 Volcarona Fire Uncommon
013/066 Tympole Water Common
014/066 Palpitoad Water Common
015/066 Seismitoad Water Uncommon
016/066 Tirtouga Water Uncommon
017/066 Carracosta Water Uncommon
018/066 Vanillite Water Common
019/066 Vanillish Water Common
020/066 Vanilluxe Water Uncommon
021/066 Frillish Water Common
022/066 Jellicent Water Uncommon
023/066 Cryogonal Water Uncommon
024/066 Kyurem Water Rare Holo
025/066 Tynamo Lightning Common
026/066 Eelektrik Lightning Uncommon
027/066 Eelektross Lightning Rare Holo
028/066 Yamask Psychic Common
029/066 Cofagrigus Psychic Uncommon
030/066 Trubbish Psychic Common
031/066 Garbodor Psychic Common
032/066 Elgyem Psychic Common
033/066 Beheeyem Psychic Uncommon
034/066 Litwick Psychic Common
035/066 Lampent Psychic Common
036/066 Chandelure Psychic Uncommon
037/066 Gigalith Fighting Uncommon
038/066 Conkeldurr Fighting Uncommon
039/066 Archen Fighting Uncommon
040/066 Archeops Fighting Uncommon
041/066 Stunfisk Fighting Common
042/066 Mienfoo Fighting Common
043/066 Mienshao Fighting Common
044/066 Golett Fighting Common
045/066 Golurk Fighting Uncommon
046/066 Terrakion Fighting Rare Holo
047/066 Landorus Fighting Rare Holo
048/066 Pawniard Darkness Common
049/066 Bisharp Darkness Uncommon
050/066 Deino Darkness Common
051/066 Zweilous Darkness Common
052/066 Hydreigon Darkness Rare Holo
053/066 Escavalier Metal Uncommon
054/066 Durant Metal Common
055/066 Cobalion Metal Rare Holo
056/066 Axew Colorless Common
057/066 Fraxure Colorless Common
058/066 Haxorus Colorless Rare Holo
059/066 Druddigon Colorless Uncommon
060/066 Super Rod I Uncommon
061/066 Xtransceiver I Uncommon
062/066 Plume Fossil I Uncommon
063/066 Cover Fossil I Uncommon
064/066 Rocky Helmet I Uncommon
065/066 Eviolite I Uncommon
066/066 N Su Uncommon
067/066 Virizion Grass SuperRare Holo
068/066 Terrakion Fighting SuperRare Holo
069/066 Cobalion Metal SuperRare Holo
070/066 Victini Fire SuperRare Holo
071/066 N Su SuperRare Holo
072/066 Meowth Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare

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