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The Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's sixth-generation console. It is a powerful system, with a compact design, 4 controller ports, a controller with an ergonomic design, small but large-capacity discs, a large game library, connectivity with the Game Boy Advance and a form of online play. In 2006, it was succeeded by Wii, which also features ports for most GameCube hardware as well as compatibility for its software.

Technical specs

  • Custom 485 Mhz IBM CPU
  • Custom 162 MHz ATI graphics chip
  • 40MB total memory
  • 2.6 GB per second memory bandwidth
  • 12M polygons per second
  • Texture read bandwidth 10.4 GB per second
  • 64 audio channels
  • 3-inch Optical Disc Technology (1.5 GB)

Pokémon games


Games that currently are availible in normal gamestores. 4 Pokémon-games and 1 Super Smash Bros.-game is currently availible.


Games that has was mentioned or showed as games but never was released. 1 Pokémon-game has been cancelled.

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