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Nintendo 3DS
ニンテンド3DS Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS.
Release dates
Japan: Before April 2011
North America: TBA
Europe: TBA
Australia: TBA
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Technical specs
  • Size:134.6mm x 73.7mm x 20.3mm
  • Screen size: 3.53 inches
  • Weight: 287g
  • Camera: One inner and two outer cameras at 0.3 Megapixels
Related information
Console generation: Eighth generation
Pokémon generations: none announced as of yet
Console type: Handheld
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The Nintendo 3DS (Japanese: ニンテンド3DS Nintendo 3DS) is Nintendo's upcoming eighth generation handheld game console.

Announced in a March 23, 2010 press release[1], the Nintendo 3DS is said to be fully backwards-compatible with all Nintendo DS games. Its revolutionary feature, however, is that it will be able to display 3D graphics that will appear to move in space depending on the direction that the system is facing, using a technique called parallax barrier.

More details on the 3DS were revealed at E3 in 2010, with graphics reminiscent of a GameCube game being shown. The 3DS will, as expected, be fully compatible with Nintendo DS games, as well as its own games, while the 3D depth-sensing features will be able to be adjusted at-will using a slider on the right side of the top screen. The top screen will be slightly wider than the bottom, with a 5:3 aspect ratio, while the system itself will feature a control stick dubbed the "slide pad", in addition to the normal D-pad featured on all prior handhelds.


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  1. Re: Launch of New Portable Game Machine (retrieved March 26, 2010)

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