Nimbasa Town

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Raimon Town
ライモンタウン Raimon Town
Raimon Town
Region Unova
Debut BW039

(Japanese: ライモンタウン Raimon Town) is an anime-exclusive town in the Unova region located just South of Nimbasa City. Much like Nimbasa City, the town has a theme-park style to it and features a ferris wheel. It is known to have a Battle Club and a stadium that hosts the Don Battle Tournament.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Luke arrive in Raimon Town in BW039 to take part in the Don Battle. Ash mistakes the town for Nimbasa City at first when he asks where the gym is until Luke explains that they're two different places. After Bianca catches up to them, the four of them go to the stadium and sign up for the Don Battle. There they meet up with Burgundy, Kenyan, Langley, and Trip who were also taking part in the tournament.

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