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Neo Team Rocket
どちみち団 Neo Rocket-dan
A group of Neo Team Rocket Solders
Leader Masked Man
Region Kanto (one person),Johto
Admins Carl,Sham
Major targets Ilex Forest
Base locations Mahogany Town

Neo Team Rocket is a term used by some fans to refer to Masked Man's resurrection of Team Rocket in Pokémon Adventures. Neo Team Rocket members wear masks covering half their faces. Sabrina and Lt. Surge worked together to stop Neo Team Rocket in order to restore the group to normalcy. The term is also occasionally used to describe the Team Rocket remnants featured in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

In the games

Main article: Team Rocket

In the Generation II games and their remakes, three years after the defeat of Giovanni at the hands of Red, a few members of the old Team Rocket attempted to reestablish the organization in Johto, while awaiting the return of their leader, who was apparently away on solo training.

This new Team Rocket started off small, first kidnapping Slowpoke from Azalea Town and cutting off their tails to sell on the black market but would later expand their operations, setting up a secret hideout in Mahogany Town in an attempt to induce evolution on the Magikarp that live in the Lake of Rage north of the town, turning them into Gyarados, which are far more profitable than their pre-evolutionary form.

In a last-ditch attempt to get in contact with their former leader, Giovanni, the group hijacks the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. Once again defeated by the player, the Executives in charge of the operation vow to disband Team Rocket for good.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Neo Team Rocket were first seen in Sneasel Sneak Attack where they had stolen Gold's backpack thinking it was Joey's who had Pokémon vital to Professor Elm's research. After realizing their mistake, they go directly to Professor Elm's lab where Gold and Silver were battling. They interrupted the battle, electrocuting Gold with an Elekid, knocking him unconscious. Silver manages to defeat them with his Totodile and Sneasel, and Neo Team Rocket retreats.

They next appeared in Into the Unown, capturing Gold and Bugsy inside the Ruins of Alph so as to steal the sleeping Unown. However, Gold and Bugsy manage to awaken all of the Unown who then chase them out of the chamber. Neo Team Rocket then trap the pair using Spinarak webs, but the trap backfires as they get stuck in the webs themselves. The group also appeared for a short time in Ursaring Major at the Slowpoke Well, cutting off Slowpokes' tail. They were quickly stopped by Silver who then bound them with ropes and left them there where they are later found by Kurt.

They're later encountered infiltrating the Tin Tower in Piloswine Whine with Sham and Carl leading a group of Neo Team Rocket members in destroying Ecruteak City in search for information on Ho-Oh. As a huge battle wages on, Sham states that they've collected all the information that they can, and Carl orders their forces to retreat.

A trio of Neo Team Rocket elites later attempt to capture Suicune after following Eusine in Indubitably Ditto, but they are quickly halted when Crystal has Parasee use Spore to put every Pokémon in a 2 mile radius to sleep. Eusine then battles against Neo Team Rocket in Great Girafarig while Crys searches for Suicune. They surround the battlefield in an electric web created by Spinarak and Elekid, and Eusine sends out his Jumpluff after being electrocuted by the web. His Jumpluff uses Cotton Spore, as well as a sneaky Leech Seed and the two manage to make their escape, leaving behind a dummy and metal chain wrapped around the web that Girafarig's tail clamps down on, electrocuting both Harry and his Girafarig.

Sham and Carl later appear in Bringing Up Bellossom having taken control of the Magnet Train during the Gym Leader battles. The Gym Leaders then board the train, and a major battle ensues. This later proves to be a diversion so the Masked Man could fulfill his mission to capture Celebi.

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