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Nelson (Japanese: ナオヤ Naoya) is a young Pokémon Trainer from Johto who dreams of catching Entei. He was the character of the day in Entei at Your Own Risk.

He set up a complicated series of tripwires and alarms to detect where Entei would appear, then used his laptop to monitor them. However, the traps ended up capturing Ash and his friends instead of Entei. Eventually, Entei appeared when Team Rocket nearly destroyed the hot springs.

Nelson's strategy was to use Mean Look to trap Entei so he could capture it, but didn't realize that Entei's Roar would cancel out his Mean Look. After discovering this, it only added to Nelson's desire to capture the legendary Pokémon.


Nelson's Misdreavus
Misdreavus is Nelson's only known Pokémon, first found catching Larvitar after it fell from the truck. After that, it was used in battle against Phanpy, where it managed to confuse it and prevent it from escaping with Mean Look, which was Nelson's strategy to capturing Entei. However, right after it used Mean Look, it was captured by Team Rocket. With the help of Bayleef, Misdreavus was saved. It was later used against Entei, but lost because of Roar.

Misdreavus's known moves are Headbutt, Swift, Psybeam, and Mean Look.

Debut Entei at Your Own Risk
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers
  • It is also known that Nelson has one more Pokémon that was going to be used for the 2 vs. 2 battle.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 沢海陽子 Yōko Sōmi
English Kayzie Rogers
European Spanish Marisa Marco


  • Nelson is very similar to Eusine in that they both have an obsession with one of the three legendary beasts (Eusine having one with Suicune and Nelson with Entei). Coincidentally, both of their capture attempts against their legendary beast failed because of the move Roar.

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