Navel Gym

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Navel Gym
ネーブルジム Navel Gym
Navel Gym.png
Location Navel Island
Gym Leader Danny
Badge Sea Ruby Badge
Challenge Geyser-freezing

Ice Sculpting Bobsled race

Region Orange Archipelago
Navel Gym Battlefield.png

The Navel Gym (Japanese: ネーブルジム Navel Gym) is the official Gym of Navel Island. The Gym Leader is Danny. Trainers who meet his challenges receive the Sea Ruby Badge.

The Navel Gym made its only anime appearance in Navel Maneuvers.

The Navel Gym isn't a building, and instead spans the entire mountain on Navel Island. Danny makes Trainers participate in several mountaineering challenges, including scaling the mountain without the aid of any Pokémon. Natural geysers must be frozen and crafted into bobsleds for racing down the mountain. There is no battling involved at this Gym.

Orange League
Mikan Gym Coral-Eye Badge
Gym Leader
Navel Gym Sea Ruby Badge
Gym Leader
Trovita Gym Spike Shell Badge
Gym Leader
Kumquat Gym Jade Star Badge
Gym Leader
Pummelo Stadium WinnerTrophy.png
Supreme Gym Leader

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