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The Narrator is a third person character of the Pokémon anime. He has been in almost every episode and movie.


The narrator usually speaks at the beginning and ending of each episode. In the beginning of an episode he usually informs the audience of what Ash Ketchum and his friends are doing or where they're heading. Sometimes he'll even explain what they did in the previous episode. He would usually conclude the episode with what Ash and company had learned during the episode or say what they were planning to do next. In movies, he usually is only heard at the beginning giving an overview of the Pokémon world.

In some of the episodes featured in the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station, some of the regular characters would narrate the episode in first person in place of the narrator. When the episodes were dubbed in English, their narratives were replaced with the regular narration. The only time the first-person narration was kept from the Japanese version was at the beginning of Get the Show on the Road.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石塚運昇 Unshō Ishizuka
English Rodger Parsons (EP001-AG020*, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, AG146-present, M01-M05, M09-present)
Mike Pollock (AG021-AG145, M06-M08)
Czech Pavel Soukup (EP001-EP209, DP001-present, movies 1, 2, 3 and 11)
Aleš Jarý (movie 4)
Danish Torben Sekov
Dutch Jeroen Keers
European French Jean-Daniel Nicodème
German Michael Schwarzmaier
Hebrew עמי מנדלמן Ami Mendelman
Indonesian Moh. Freddy J.H. Pangkey (DP series, movies 8-13)
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Mikołaj Klimek (EP001-AG040, DP053-present, movies 1, 2, 3 and 11, Mewtwo Returns)
Piotr Bąk (DP001-DP052)
Portuguese Brazil Fábio Moura (EP001-EP052, EP105-present)
Marcelo Pissardini (EP053-EP104)
Portugal Paulo B (movie 1)
Carlos Freixo (movie 2)
José Jorge Duarte (movies 3 and 4)
Unknown actor (movie 7)
Rui de Sá (EP001-EP209)
Rui Quintas (EP210-DP052, Pokémon Chronicles)
Mário Santos (DP053-present, movies 10-present)
Russian Анатолий Зиновенко Anatolii Zinovenko (EP001-EP105)
Spanish Latin America Gerardo Vázquez
Diego Armando Nieves (movies 4 and 5)
Diego Brizzi (movies 6 and 7*)
Spain Eduardo del Hoyo

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