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|epname=Lapras of Luxury
|epname=Lapras of Luxury
|desc=Naomi uses {{m|Supersonic|supersonic waves}} from her {{p|Lanturn}} to detect the singing voices of traveling {{p|Lapras}}.
|desc=Naomi used {{m|Supersonic|supersonic waves}} from her {{p|Lanturn}} to detect the singing voices of traveling {{p|Lapras}}.
Lanturn's only known move is {{m|Supersonic}}.}}
Lanturn's only known move is {{m|Supersonic}}.}}

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Naomi (Japanese: ナルミ Narumi) is the character of the day in Lapras of Luxury. She is a Pokémon researcher studying communication between Water-type Pokémon, specifically Lapras.

She was studying the pod of Lapras that Ash's Lapras belonged to. Thanks to Ash and his Lapras, Naomi was able to discover that the herd came from the Orange Islands, something she hadn't known before.


Naomi's Lanturn
Naomi used supersonic waves from her Lanturn to detect the singing voices of traveling Lapras.

Lanturn's only known move is Supersonic.

Debut Lapras of Luxury


Ash's Pokémon Egg
Pokémon Egg
Main article: Ash's Larvitar

Naomi also was the temporary caretaker of a Pokémon Egg that had been stolen by a poacher. She called Professor Elm, believing he would know how to deal with it. He in turn called Ash and told him to take care of it. Naomi gave the Egg to Ash, which eventually hatched into a Larvitar later on.

Debut Lapras of Luxury

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 日野由利加 Yurika Hino
English Roxanne Beck
European Portuguese Raquel Ferreira
European Spanish Victoria Angulo

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