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| VS model from<br>{{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun and Moon}}
| VS model from<br>{{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun, Moon}}, {{color2|000|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon}}
| VS model from<br>{{color2|000|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Moon}}
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| Overworld model from<br>{{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun and Moon}}
|colspan=2 | Overworld model from<br>{{color2|000|Pokémon Sun and Moon|Sun, Moon}}, {{color2|000|Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon}}

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クチナシ Kuchinashi
Sun Moon Nanu.png
Concept art from Sun and Moon
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color Grey
Hometown Route 17
Region Alola
Trainer class Island Kahuna
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Specializes in Dark types

Nanu (Japanese: クチナシ Kuchinashi) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He is the Kahuna of Ula'ula Island. He specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. He grants the Ula'ula stamp to Trainers who defeat him.

In the games

Nanu is a police officer who first shows up to aid the player in getting into Po Town. After Team Skull is defeated by the player, he reveals that he is the Kahuna of Ula'ula Island and challenges the player in Malie City for their island challenge grand trial. Upon defeat, he grants the player the Darkinium Z and wishes them well as they, along with Gladion and Hau, head to Aether Paradise to rescue Lillie.

Professor Kukui forms the Alola Pokémon League and Nanu is offered a position in the Alola Elite Four. He turns down the offer, stating that he has no obligation to join, unlike when the guardian deity chose him to become the Kahuna.

Nanu later provides information on sightings of the Ultra Beasts around Ula'ula. He is also revealed to be a former member of the International Police and Looker's former superior. His codename was 000. During his time with them, he is described as having been an elite officer, on par with Looker. Ten years prior to the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, he participated in a three-person mission with Looker and an unnamed Faller to track down a Guzzlord, which ultimately cost the Faller her life. After this mission, he and Looker discovered Anabel on the shores of Poni Island.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, he also appears in Acerola's place at the Aether House during Mina's trial. In Ultra Moon he challenges the player to a rematch; in both games, he then gives the player the Purple Petal, the final flower petal of the trial.


Nanu's Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Grand trial battle

Second battle

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Grand trial battle

Second battleUM
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Route 17
"You there, boy/girl."
"Seems to me you're trying to get into Po Town. You sure you've thought this through? You'd better be ready if you're thinking of coming in here. Ready to live as Team Skull. Or ready to take on Team Skull."
"You really think you're ready for that?"
Maybe?: "Run back home, kid."
I am!: "I guess everyone has their own reasons. I've got my reasons, too, for doing what I do. I'll have them let you in."
"If you don't make it, I'll be sure your remains at least get back home."
Po Town
"Have I got you to thank for this?"
"Thing must've been scared half to death if it's glad to see a wretch like me."
"What a lot of hassle..."
"A trial-goer, huh? Figures."
"Look, I'm not gonna fight someone who is taking on Team Skull. I healed your Pokémon up so...go. Just go."
"Though...looking around now... It seems like there're fewer Team Skull folks around today than usual. Huh."
"I guess some of 'em might have run off after seeing their boss get beat."
"And here comes the noise again..."
"The rent's real cheap. No one else is crazy enough to stay this close to Team Skull, after all."
"No one's asking you to..."
"Pokémon tucked up in their Poké Balls, Team Skull locked up in their little town... I wonder if either enjoys the experience?"
Malie City
"If only Team Skull could've just kept themselves and their troublemaking to Po Town... Why'd they have to make all this fuss, huh?"
  • Before battle
"You there, boy/girl."
"I'm an island kahuna, you know. Battle against me. It'll be a good experience for you if you're really hoping to master the island challenge."
No thanks: "The trip here already wore me out. If you don't want to battle, I'm going home."
OK, I will: "Don't take it too serious, now."
  • Upon being defeated
  • After being defeated
"Well, shoot... Of course I already knew you had the heart and the strength to storm Team Skull's stronghold, but I didn't know you were this good. And your Pokémon worked real hard for you. Let me fix your team up for you."
"Here. This is yours."
"If you want to use the Dark-type Z-Power, you've gotta do it like this."
"There. Congratulations or whatever. You've officially finished your Ula'ula trials."
"You've got somewhere else to be, don't you? Try not to destroy the whole place. Oh... And you, boy. Gladion. Tell me... If you're really trying to get stronger as you say, then what're you depending on Team Skull for?"
Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM
"Cripes, but I hate this place... It's exhausting climbing all the way up here."
"At least you gave me a good show, though. Guess it was worth coming this far. And the prof did ask me and all..."
"Look, once you've completed all your island trials and done your grand trials, then you've got to do one last thing... The final trial. Basically it's a ceremony, you see? You beat all four kahunas in a row. But things are a little different this year. Now that we're getting a real Pokémon League here in Alola, too."
"So, boy/girl. I hope you can bother yourself to come along to the base of Ula'ula Island's Mount Lanakila. You remember Tapu Village, don't you? Where the folks were doing construction work? He'll be ready and waiting for you there."
"I suppose I could take you along with me... You want to do that? Come now, with me?"
Yes: "Looks like we're on this journey together, then."
No: "Not many kids make it all the way to the final trial, but there's a handful every year. You won't be able to go easy on this one. These are real battles. No holding back."
Malie City Restaurant
"...You open?"
"<Player>, huh? I'm buying, so come join me and eat. Hey, Sensei. Bring me my usual."
"You done? Sorry for talking with my mouth full like that. Heh..."
"... ... ... Mm. Mm-hmm. Good, right?"
"Here. I've got no need for this nonsense."
"See ya, kid."

UB 02 AbsorptionS/BeautyM: The relationship between the two

Route 2
"Don't mind if I let myself in."
"How you been doing? You're well?"
"I'm your contact. You want to know about that monster, right?"
"I forgot about this kahuna meeting we were all supposed to go to. That's how I ended up stuck as the messenger."
"And here you are, boy/girl."
"Guess you could say that."
"It’s not like I've seen it or anything. Just heard rumors. You know."
"What was it you guys were calling it? AbsorptionS/BeautyM or something? Well, you'll find it in Melemele MeadowS/Verdant CavernM. Not just one of 'em either. Two of the suckersS/Four of the thingsM."
"Hmph. No one wants to hear about that. Good luck."

UB 03 Lighting: 100kr

Route 8
"...I let myself in."
"You been keeping well?"
"Heh. So it's you, 100kr. Or... Sorry. What is it now? “Looker”?"
"What's this? No smile for me? Here I am, coming out of my way to bring you the info about the UB that you're searching for."
"That monster you're calling BladeS/BlasterM... It's on Ula'ula Island. I'll tell you more when you get there."
"I'm the kahuna of Ula'ula Island. If you don't do something about that monster for me, our guardian's not gonna be happy."
"See you around then."

UB 04 BladeS/BlasterM: Faller

Route 13
"But somebody screwed up."
"This halfhearted fool here felt sorry for the monster, even if only for a moment. That moment was enough to get the third member of our team done in by the UB."
"She was just bait for the UB..."
"It's not like the monsters come here by choice. They don’t want to be here. So they smell that familiar scent and think there'll be a wormhole. That they'll get home."
"And now you're repeating history. You've got a Faller right here, haven't you? That's right, boy/girl. I'm talking about you."
"Hey, missy."
"Another one of those monsters appeared. This time on Poni Island. I'll tell you more when you get there. We'll meet at the floating restaurant in Seafolk Village."

UB 05 Glutton: 000

Seafolk Village
"You sent her off to the wrong location?"
"So now we can finish our little talk. You've got one Faller right here... and the other one is Anabel. Though I don't think she knows it herself."
"... ..."
"Then she was placed under observation by the International Police. All because they detected an insane amount of Ultra Wormhole energy from her."
"And then got promoted right up past you, her senior, is that it?"
"Gotta hand it to the International Police. They really are terrible. Using the same strategy and setting up another Faller, even though the same thing failed before."
"... ..."
"But you're out of luck now. With Anabel in that condition... She'll be done for if she runs into any UBs now."
  • Before battle
"But before we're out of time, boy/girl... How about a battle with me?"
No problem: "What a good little boy/girl you are..."
Why?: "Why not? If you've got some preparation you need to do, then I'll wait here for you."
"Then let's go."
  • Upon being defeated
"Hmph. Looks like you got me."
  • After being defeated
"That'll do, boy/girl. I think that'll do fine."
"Don't let me down."
Po Town Police Station (Route 17)
"Meowth are all right. They don't care who you are or anything."


VSNanu.png VSNanu 2.png
VS model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
VS model from
Ultra Moon
Nanu SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Nanu in Pokémon Adventures

Nanu debuts in PASM02. He is first seen with his fellow Kahunas, Olivia and Hala, at Malie Garden, where they discuss the sightings of the guardian deities around Alola. They speculate that the normally reclusive guardian deities appearing before people must have been caused by them being angered by something.

Later, at Iki Town, Hala referees a battle between Nanu and Olivia in order to test a stage to be used in an upcoming festival. During the battle, Nanu teases Olivia's inability to get a boyfriend, which angers Olivia into using her Z-Power. When Nanu retaliates with his own Z-Move, Hala interrupts the battle, but not before accidentally getting hit. The Kahunas decide that they will use the festival to have Alolan youths battle against each other. The strongest participants will travel around Alola's four islands, imitating the island challenge, in order to calm the guardian deities' rage.


Nanu's Persian
Persian is Nanu's only known Pokémon, it was first used to battle against Olivia's Lycanroc.

Persian's known moves are Nasty Plot and Dark Pulse.
Persian can also perform the Z-Move Black Hole Eclipse*.

Debut PASM03


  • Despite Acerola referring to Nanu as "uncle", they are not related, as stated on page 174 of the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide. "Uncle" and "Aunty" are often used as a label of endearment and closeness of a person of non-familial ties in Hawaii.
  • Nanu is the only Island Kahuna who cannot be encountered and battled at the Pokémon League.
    • As such, he is also the only Kahuna who cannot be rematched an indefinite amount of times.


Language Name Origin
Japanese クチナシ Kuchinashi From 梔子 kuchinashi (gardenia) and 口無し kuchinashi (something unspoken)
English Nanu From nānū, names for several species of gardenia such as the forest gardenia and the Oahu gardenia. It may also came from the word none.
French Danh From danh-danh, gardenia
German Yasu From Gardenia jasminoides
Italian Augusto From Gardenia augusta
Spanish Denio From gardenia
Korean 나누 Nanu From his English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 默丹 Mòdān From 木丹 mùdān (gardenia) and 默 (silent), which contains the character 黑 hēi (black)
Chinese (Cantonese) 默丹 Mahkdāan From 木丹 muhkdāan (gardenia) and 默 mahk (silent), which contains the character 黑 hāk (black)

Trial Captains and Island Kahunas of the Alola region
Verdant Cavern
VSIlima USUM.png
Brooklet Hill
VSLana USUM.png
Wela Volcano Park
Lush Jungle
Hokulani Observatory
Thrifty Megamart
Seafolk Village
VSMina 2 USUM.png
Melemele Island
Akala Island
Ula'ula Island
Poni Island

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