Nanny and Pop-Pop

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Nanny and Pop-Pop

Nanny (Japanese: 婆や Granny) and Pop-Pop (Japanese: 爺や Grampy) are a pair of characters of the day in the anime who appeared in Sweet Baby James. Nanny is voiced by くまいもとこ Motoko Kumai in Japanese and by Sondra James in English, and Pop-Pop is voiced by 丸山詠二 Eiji Maruyama in Japanese and by Rodger Parsons in English.

In most versions of the show, they are servants of James's parents who take care of one of the family's vacation cottages. In the English dub they are his grandparents. The Norwegian dub also mentions that they are the parents of James' father. In addition to keeping house, the kindhearted couple takes care of many sick and injured Pokémon in the mansion's greenhouse and garden. When James was still a child, he loved going to the vacation home. Nanny and Pop-Pop didn't make him behave "properly", like his parents and many tutors did at home, and he loved how the old couple treated sick Pokémon. Because of this, he loves them as much as one would like their real grandparents.

Years later, Nanny and Pop-Pop encountered Ash and his friends, who were concerned about May's sick Munchlax, and invited them to the mansion so they could treat the sick Pokémon. Soon after, James arrived at the mansion along with Jessie, Team Rocket and his sick Chimecho. Nanny and Pop-Pop were delighted to see James, but he, worried that they will be disappointed in him if they find out he is a member of Team Rocket, lied to them and convinced Jessie, Meowth and Ash's group to help him with his cover story. Jessie and Meowth pretend to be his secretary and manager, respectively. This explains why Meowth talks. James also pretends to be the president of a company, with their uniform as the company's uniform.

James managed to keep the fact of his membership in Team Rocket hidden (despite Jessie and Meowth's attempts to steal food and Pokémon) from Nanny and Pop-Pop until the Mime Jr. they were taking care of let himself be captured by James. Nanny and Pop-Pop explained that it chose to do so because it thought James is a kind person. Hearing this, James decided to come clean and tell them the truth. They were not disappointed in him, however, saying that even though he was in an evil organization, James himself was still a kind person. James parted with them, leaving his sick Chimecho in their care.

Pokémon in their care


Given to James

Mime Jr.


  • In Leave It To Brocko, when Team Rocket is eating the food Brock fixed for them, James comments that the food is "as good as Nanny and Pop-Pop's".

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