Nando's Roserade

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Nando's Roserade
ナオシのロズレイド Naoshi's Roserade
Poké Ball
Nando Roserade.png
Nando's Roserade
Debuts in Dawn of a New Era!
Caught at Sinnoh
Evolves in Dawn of a New Era!
Prior to Coming Full Festival Circle!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Nando
Budew Roselia Roserade
This Pokémon spent at least 1 episodes as Budew and between 45 and 126 episodes as Roselia.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Budew Tomoko Kawakami Sarah Natochenny
As Roselia Tomoko Kawakami Sarah Natochenny
As Roserade Satsuki Yukino Sarah Natochenny

Nando's Roserade (Japanese: ナオシのロズレイド Naoshi's Roserade) is a Pokémon owned by Nando.


As a Budew

Roserade first appeared as Budew in Dawn of a New Era! performing a Sunny Day, which stopped Ash and Dawn from fighting. Nando appears with his harp and tells the group that the Budew is his. He battles Dawn with his Budew while Dawn uses her Piplup, despite Piplup having the type-disadvantage. As Piplup was about to use Peck on the Bud Pokémon, Budew dodges and covers itself up with smoke. Piplup then uses BubbleBeam which made the smoke disappear but was proven ineffective against Budew. Budew strikes up a SolarBeam and as Piplup was about to use Peck for a second time, Budew's SolarBeam already made contact and took out Piplup.

Later, Budew battled Team Rocket as Carnivine was about to attack Piplup and took Carnivine out in one hit. The next morning, Budew battled Ash's Pikachu and used some healing moves to avoid losing energy. It evolved into Roselia during the middle of their battle. However, despite the evolution, it lost to Pikachu as he dodged Roselia's SolarBeam.

As a Roselia

Nando and Roselia reappear in A Secret Sphere of Influence! at the Eterna Historical Museum. Prior to the events of the episode, it had a Gym battle with Gardenia's Turtwig and wins. Nando is taken in along with Roselia for some questioning. Around the end of the episode, Nando was proven innocent.

In Dawn's Early Night!, it teamed up with Kricketune in the Hearthome Contest during the battle round of the Double Performance. They battled Jessie's Seviper and Dustox and won.

During Nando's long absence, Roselia evolved into Roserade. It was not seen in the appeals round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. In Coming Full Festival Circle!, it was sent out along with Nando's other Grass-type Pokémon, Sunflora during the Battle Round of the Double Performance. It was able to get Nando past the top 8.

In League Unleashed!, Nando sends Roserade out as his first Pokémon during his match against Ash in the Lily of the Valley Conference. It went up against Ash's Staraptor. During the battle, Roserade's Sweet Scent caused Staraptor to become temporarily immobile, which the Bouquet Pokémon followed up with Magical Leaf which scored a direct hit on Staraptor. Roserade then tried to finish off Staraptor with SolarBeam. Just when things were about to get bad for Ash, Staraptor got up and dodged at the last second. Staraptor finished Roserade off using his wild-card technique.

Moves used

Nando Roserade SolarBeam.png
Using SolarBeam
Nando Roselia Sunny Day.png
Using Sunny Day
as a Roselia
Move First Used In
Sunny Day Dawn of a New Era!
Bullet Seed Dawn of a New Era!
SolarBeam  Dawn of a New Era!
Mega Drain Dawn of a New Era!
Sweet Scent  League Unleashed!
Magical Leaf  League Unleashed!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Much like Drew's Roserade, it evolved off-screen after a long absence and its evolution was revealed during a cameo appearance.
  • Although it's gender is not comfirmed, compared to Drew's Roserade as a Roselia, it's cape is longer, so it's probably a female.

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In rotation:
407 Roserade 
192 Sunflora 
402 Kricketune 
334 Altaria 
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428 Lopunny 
348 Armaldo 

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