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This article is about the filler space. For card from the Skyridge expansion, see Mystery Zone (Skyridge 137).
Mystery Zone なぞのばしょ
Mystery Place
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Mystery Zone.png
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Location: Throughout Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto
Region: Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto
Generations: IV
Location of Mystery Zone in Sinnoh.
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The Mystery Zone (Japanese: なぞのばしょ Mystery PlaceDPPt, ----HGSS) is an area in the Generation IV games that serves as "filler space" between normally accessible outdoor and indoor areas. It exists all around Sinnoh, to facilitate the precise entry into the Underground, which has tunnels that travel under areas where no routes or cities exist.


The geography is made predominantly of 32 by 32 blocks of either trees, water, plateau, or blank void space. The area itself is named "Mystery Zone", with the location header popping up to display this name when the area is entered. No Pokémon or items are found in the Mystery Zone.


The Mystery Zone is normally inaccessible, but can be entered by means of tweaking and the surf glitch.


In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the music is a slightly off-key version of the theme of Routes 206, 207, 208, 220 and 221. Sometimes, the Pokémon Center theme or the background music used in the Underground may also be played. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the background music is the theme of Route 29; however, it cannot be changed to its 8-bit counterpart with the GB Sounds.

Glitches caused

In the International and later Japanese versions of Diamond and Pearl, the menu cannot be opened, and the touchscreen menu cannot be used, therefore making it impossible to get Darkrai and Shaymin this way; however a registered key item can be used to refresh the graphics in the area at any time. The menu cannot be opened in both the International and Japanese versions of Platinum. Only in the early Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl can the menu be opened.

When walking through mountainous terrain in the Mystery Zone, the player may become hidden by the terrain. The screen may also appear to zoom in as one enters the zone, due to the fact that the terrain is completely flat. Some areas of the Mystery Zone may cause a game freeze. Certain areas of the Mystery Zone, particularly those bordering the Sinnoh Elite Four's rooms, will lock up the game with a black screen if the player refreshes the graphics there. Saving in one of these areas will cause the game to lock up like this whenever the resulting save file is opened, causing the save file to become unusable.

By traveling from one area to another through the Mystery Zone, the tileset will not be changed even if the new area was supposed to use a different tileset. Currently loaded 3D props, such as buildings, are subject to this as well. Simply refreshing the graphics will solve this. Sinnoh's Mystery Zone has its own, unused tileset which can be seen by entering it from the overworld, refreshing the graphics there, and then returning to the overworld. This tileset can also be seen in a pre-release screenshot of Diamond and Pearl, indicating that it is left over from a beta version of the game. The unused tileset remains within the coding of HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Occasionally, the game can be tricked into thinking that the player is somewhere else while in the Mystery Zone, such as displaying the Turnback Cave or Floaroma Meadow title and starting to display fog, while the floor remains black and the map displays that the player is on Route 221. This occurs when the player goes outside of the map matrix and the game cannot indicate where the player really is on the world map.


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Zone Mystère
Germany Flag.png German Mysteriöse Zone
Italy Flag.png Italian Zona Misteriosa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 수수께끼의장소 Susukkekkiui Jangso
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Zona Misteriosa


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