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*Hayley appears in the [[Generation IV]] games in [[Pokémon Super Contests]] with her {{p|Buneary}} named "Floppy". This is a reference to her Buneary in this game that players can trade another Pokémon for the Buneary and transfer it to the DS.
*Hayley appears in the [[Generation IV]] games in [[Pokémon Super Contests]] with her {{p|Buneary}} named "Floppy". This is a reference to her Buneary in this game that players can trade another Pokémon for and transfer to the DS.
{{Main series}}
{{Main series}}

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My Pokémon Ranch
My Pokémon Ranch
Hayley with a player's Pokémon
Basic info
Platform: {{{platform}}}
Category: Virtual Life
Players: 1
Connectivity: None
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: {{{gen_series}}}
ESRB: E for Everyone
Release dates
Japan: March 25, 2008
North America: June 9, 2008
Australia: July 4, 2008
Europe: July 4, 2008
South Korea: TBA
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: JP Pokémon Ranch Site
English: US Pokémon Ranch Site

My Pokémon Ranch (Japanese: みんなのポケモン牧場 Everyone's Pokémon Ranch) is a WiiWare title that was announced at Nintendo's fall 2007 conference. It was developed by Ambrella and can be purchased for 1,000 Wii Points. Pokémon can be transferred from Diamond and Pearl and stored on a farm. The player can use up to 8 Diamond and Pearl games to send their Pokémon, which then can be organized in the ranch by factors like height and weight. Hayley will give the player information on the Pokémon, which will be different from the info in the games. She will also bring a Pokémon each day to the ranch for which the player can trade.

The farm is owned by Hayley, a friend of Bebe's. Players can sort, take pictures, and interact with up to 1,000 of their Pokémon.

It is essentially a Generation IV version of Pokémon Box. However, it is notable that Pokémon Ranch is similar to Pokémon Battle Revolution in that it will only interact with specific save files. This means that if a Pokémon is placed on the ranch, only the game from which it was placed onto the ranch may take the Pokémon back off it. This prevents people storing Pokémon and starting a new game - something for which previous storage titles were quite useful.


  • My Pokémon Ranch is able to connect, store and withdraw Pokémon from 8 different Pokémon Diamond and Pearl or Pokémon Platinum (in Japan only) game cards using the Nintendo DS's connectivity. It is able to store up to 1,000 Pokémon at a time; however, the number rises to 1,500 after the Platinum update is applied.
  • Pokémon and Miis can interact in full 3D on the Wii. A Pokémon's behavior in the ranch can be determined by the Pokémon's nature, moves, etc.
  • The player is able to take pictures at any time when on the ranch and save them to the message board or a SD card. Taking pictures of objects can be made easier by applying a Focus Lock or spinning the screen around using the Nunchuk.
  • Using WiiConnect24, the player can send pictures he or she has taken on the ranch to other friends.
  • On occasions, the player and Hayley can trade Pokémon on the ranch. Her traded Pokémon can be withdrawn onto the player's Pokémon Diamond and Pearl or Pokémon Platinum game card.
  • A Pokémon's Template:Shiny2 coloring and gender differences are visible in the game.
  • If a Pokémon came from a special place or is level 100, they will sparkle in a green and blue hue, respectively.


Wanted Pokémon

Details on how to catch a Wanted Pokémon

Once a player has stored Pokémon for the first time, Hayley will take the player's Pokédex data and from it, request "Wanted Pokémon", Pokémon that are typically not yet in the player's Pokédex (although once the player has caught a lot of Pokémon, she may request one that the player has already caught). The game will provide the player with all the information on acquiring the listed Pokémon, including information on a Pokémon's pre-evolved form, and if an item is needed to evolve it, where that item can be found. This can be used to both assist and motivate said player into completing their Pokédex. The player is given 10 days to acquire this Pokémon until the post is removed and a new one is made. "Wanted Pokémon" requests are tied to specific game cards, if one trainer deposits a Pokémon that is on another's wanted list, nothing will happen. If all of a player's Wanted posts expire, Hayley will occasionally ask the player to connect their DS so new ones can be made.

Hayley's Trades

Main article: Hayley's trades

Whenever the player brings in one of the "Wanted Pokémon", Hayley will offer to trade one of her Pokémon for it, and the Pokémon received will be one of the following twenty and will know a TM, egg move, or have something else that makes them unique.

All of these Pokémon will have the OT Hayley (English) or ユカリ (Japanese) and the Trainer ID number 01000. Note that all of the Pokémon with specific natures cannot have a different nature, gender, and ability and they cannot be shiny.

Special Pokémon

These two Pokémon are only available once some requirements are filled. Once 250 Pokémon are present on the ranch, the ranch will expand and jump to a new level. When this level is obtained, Hayley will add a new Pokémon to the "Wanted" board, Leafeon. When Leafeon is brought to the ranch, she will offer to trade it for her Phione. When 999 Pokémon are present, the ranch will expand and jump to level 25, the maximum level. Once this level is obtained, a new wanted Pokémon will be added. Hayley is now asking for any Pokémon egg. When the egg is brought, she will offer to trade it for her Mew.


Template:G3event/ranch/simple Template:Emove Template:Emove Template:Emove Template:Emove Template:Efooter/ranch


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Every 15 minutes, a random event in the ranch will occur. These events don't have any real significance, only intended for a good picture opportunity. Some events only occur after the player has a certain amount of Pokémon or certain kind of Pokémon in the ranch.

A typical totem pole
  1. Attention - Deposit at least 1 Pokemon
  2. ZigZag Parade - Deposit at least 25 Zigzagoon
  3. Dash - Deposit Bulbasaur, Pikachu , Meowth, Teddiursa and Munchlax
  4. Air Parade - Deposit at least 11 Pokemon that levitate about the ranch
  5. Totem Pole - Deposit at least 5 Pokemon
  6. Hop-Hop - Deposit at least 20 Cleffa
  7. Pikachu Party - Deposit at least 20 Pikachu
  8. Circle Dance - Deposit at least 20 Pokemon of the same species
  9. Ring Dance - Deposit at least 20 Pokemon of the same type
  10. ZigZag Dance - Deposit at least 20 Zigzagoon
  11. Slow Waltz - Deposit at least 10 of each: Illumise and Volbeat
  12. Do the Wave - Deposit 25 Minun and Plusle
  13. Chorus - Deposit several Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff
  14. Carousel - Deposit at least 40: Ponyta, Rapidash, Stantler and Girafarig
  15. Clock - Happens every hour
  16. Keyboard - Deposit all the Unown


Toys for Pokémon and Miis to play with are delivered to the ranch every day. The type of toys delivered randomly changes every day and the amount of toys depends on the size of the ranch. Each toy comes in a present box which must be picked up and dropped to open. The following is a list of toys available in My Pokémon Ranch:

  • Attractor - A magnetic device that Miis can use to draw Pokémon to them.
  • Balloons - Balloons that a Pokémon can attach to their head in order to fly around
  • Bonfire - A fire that Pokémon and Miis can watch. Pokémon and Miis that get to close to it can be burned. Pokémon weak to the fire type are naturally scared of the Bonfire
  • Bounce back ball - A ball that, true to its name, bounces back to whoever touches it
  • Burst ball - A large round explosive that explodes whenever Pokémon touch it, sending them flying.
  • Challenger - A dummy for Pokémon to use their attacks on.
  • Fountain - A water fountain that, when Pokémon or Miis jump on, increases in power to give them a brief lift.
  • Gracidea
  • Leader Flag - A flag that Miis can use to lead a parade of Pokémon.
  • Parade Drum - A drum that Miis can use to lead a parade of Pokémon.
  • Pitfall - A hole that Pokémon and Miis can jump into. They return falling from the sky.
  • Poké bell
  • Poké cushion
  • Poké microphone - A Microphone that Pokémon can cry into. Their cries into the microphone will be heard through the Wii Remote's speaker
  • Poké pendulum
  • Poké rocket
  • Pokémon pallet - A pallet that when used by a Pokémon, summons all of the Pokémon in a ranch to get together to form an image of the user's in-game sprite.
  • Round rock
  • Slippery peel - A banana peel that trips Pokémon and Miis that step on it.
  • Snowman - A Snowman that freezes Pokémon and Miis that get too close to it. Temporarily shrinks if a fire attack is used against it.
  • Spin ride
  • Spring stand
  • Stinky ball
  • Training bag - A bag with a target on it for Pokémon to use their attacks on.

Club Look-See

Main article: Club Look-See

Club Look-See is a group of people that will come to the Ranch and invite the player to see their ranch. Each member is assigned a number (#1, #2, and so on) and they will appear in order of their number. Each member's ranch has a certain theme, this means that each of their ranches is filled with a certain Pokémon. Each member's Mii also typically bears some resemblance to the Pokémon they have. These are special occurrences that will happen periodically.

Platinum Update

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My Pokémon Ranch leaflet

After Platinum was released the Ranch channel was updated:

It is unknown when the update for other language versions of the software will be released. Note that My Pokémon Ranch will not work with Platinum without this update.


My Pokemon Ranch received generally negative reviews. The largest criticisms of the game was the lack of interaction with the game,[1] and the fact that the player has to own a copy of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the majority of the game's features to be accessible.[2] In addition, some reviewers criticized the game's Mii-like graphics, with IGN calling it "the ugliest Pokémon game to hit any video game system".[3] The game received an average score of 47% on Metacritic.


  • Hayley appears in the Generation IV games in Pokémon Super Contests with her Buneary named "Floppy". This is a reference to her Buneary in this game that players can trade another Pokémon for and transfer to the DS.

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