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Muteki (Japanese: ムテキ Muteki) is a character in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W. He was nicknamed the wandering Trainer.

While Monta, Cheren, and Bianca were on their way to the Battle Subway, they encounter Muteki who challenged Monta to a Double Battle. Due to Monta's inexperience with Victini and its moves, Muteki easily won. The trio met up with Muteki again while they went to the Battle Subway. Monta had a rematch with Muteki, proving that he knew about handling Victini better. Unlike before, Monta was able to defeat Muteki. After the battle, Muteki admitted defeat and walked off in the sunset, much to the upset of Monta.


Muteki's Hydreigon
Hydreigon was sent out alongside Jellicent during a Double Battle against Monta. In both matches that Hydreigon participated in, it took the back seat as Jellicent did most of the battling. During the rematch, Hydreigon was defeated by Victini's V-create.

None of Hydreigon's moves are known.

Debut Victini - A New Friend!
Muteki's Jellicent
Jellicent was sent out alongside Hydreigon during a Double Battle against Monta. He defeated Victini in the first match and lost to Serperior during the rematch.

Jellicent's known moves are Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, and Double Team.

Debut Victini - A New Friend!


Language Name Origin
Japanese ムテキ Muteki From 無敵 muteki, invincible
English Muteki Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 吾迪 Wúdí Homophone of 無敵 wúdí, unrivalled

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