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==Pokémon seen on Muscle Island==
==Pokémon seen on Muscle Island==
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| {{InactivePoké|Muscle Island|Blastoise|Muscle Island Blastoise.png|Water|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Muscle Island|Electrode|Muscle Island Electrode.png|Electric|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Rocky|Walrein|Rocky Walrein.png|Water|Ice|link=no}}
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| {{InactivePoké|Rocky|Quagsire|Rocky Quagsire.png|Water|Ground|link=no}}
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Muscle Island
ガンガ島 Ganga Island
Muscle Island.png
Muscle Island
Region Hoenn
Debut Training Wrecks

Muscle Island (Japanese: ガンガ島 Ganga Island) is an anime island in Hoenn in between Lilycove City and Mossdeep City. It appeared in Training Wrecks.

The island is most famous for its bodybuilders and people interested in getting into shape. The unique part about the island is that they use Pokémon to help them accomplish this in addition to regular exercise equipment.

When Ash and his friends visited Muscle Island, they were greeted by Rocky, who told them all about the island. After learning about it, Rocky and Ash had a Double Battle while Brock, May, Max and Team Rocket all exercised. At one point, Ash's friends were doing push-ups with Lombre, Skitty and Bulbasaur on their backs.

The town is also home to Gavin, one of Morrison's Ever Grande Conference opponents.

Pokémon seen on Muscle Island

Muscle Island Geodude.png
Geodude (multiple)
Muscle Island Blastoise.png
Muscle Island Electrode.png
Rocky Walrein.png
Rocky Quagsire.png


  • When the town was mentioned in the English dub of From Brags to Riches, 4Kids referred to the island by its Japanese name, Ganga Town. This happened even though they had given the island a dub name earlier that same season.
  • The large mountain on the island looks like a muscular arm, which is most probably how the island came to be called Muscle Island.

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