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Muramasa (Japanese: ムラマサ Muramasa) is a character of the day from the Pokémon anime who appeared in Wired for Battle!.

Muramasa is the leader of a Pokémon Dojo. He taught his students skills that they would need to win a battle. It was mentioned that Muramasa was a skilled battler when he was young and had won many battles with his Scizor, Masamune.

However, one of his students, Shingo, believed that he could predict the outcome of any battle with the help of his laptop. Hoping Ash would prove him wrong, Muramasa had both Trainers battle. Using his Heracross, Ash was able to defeat Shingo's Scizor.

After thanking Ash for a great battle, Shingo decided to train harder underneath his teacher Muramasa.


This listing is of Muramasa's known Pokémon in the anime:

Masamune (Japanese: マサムネ Masamune) is Muramasa's Scizor. It first appeared stalking Team Rocket and Ash. Muramasa later explained that they were training. It was then seen with its owner, showing Ash and his friends around his fighting dojo. It then appeared training outside. When Team Rocket stole Shingo's laptop, it appeared just in time, before Shingo's Scizor took over. It lastly appeared with its owner, watching Ash and Shingo battle.

None of Masamune's moves are known.

Debut Wired For Battle!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大友龍三郎 Ryūzaburō Ōtomo
English Scottie Ray
Brazilian Portuguese Fábio Tomasini
European Spanish Juan Lombardero


  • In the Japanese version of the anime, Muramasa is not only the teacher of Shingo but his father as well.
  • Muramasa is the name of a famous Japanese swordsmith, Muramasa Sengo. His Scizor's nickname, Masamune, is also the name of a famous (if not the greatest) Japanese swordsmith.
    • Masamune shares its name with Morrison in Japanese.

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