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Swipe moves, also called multi-hit moves, are moves that strike an opponent more than one time in the same turn. Most swipe moves will hit the opponent 2-5 times in a turn, but some work differently. Swipe moves generally have low base power and imperfect accuracy to compensate for the fact that they hit multiple times. Up until Generation III, if a hit from a swipe move broke an enemy Substitute, the move would stop. In subsequent generations, however, if a swipe move breaks a Substitute (and didn't use the last hit to break it), the move continues, striking the Pokémon that was behind the Substitute.

List of swipe moves

2-5 hits per turn

Most swipe moves have a chance to hit an opponent two, three, four, or five times in one turn. Generally, these moves have a higher chance of hitting fewer times.

Skill Link

Skill Link is an ability introduced in Generation IV. Six Pokémon have this Ability. It causes moves which deal multiple hits to always strike their maximum number of times. Note that only moves that have hit 2-5 times are affected by this ability.

2 hits per turn

Several swipe moves hit an opponent exactly twice in one turn. For the most part, these moves are found on fewer Pokémon, several of them being signature moves, and generally have higher power than other swipe moves, as they only hit twice.

1-3 hit(s) per turn

Triple Kick works differently from other swipe moves. It will hit an opponent three times in one turn, but its base power (10 originally) will increase by 10 with each hit. However, unlike other swipe moves, each hit has its own accuracy check, and once one hit misses, the entire move is ended. It is the signature move of Hitmontop.


  • Out of all the swipe moves that hit twice, only Double Kick and Double Hit are not now nor have they ever been signature moves.
  • DoubleSlap is the only swipe move with "double" in its name that can hit 2-5 times.
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