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Mulch (Japanese: こやし Fertilizer) is a type of item introduced in Generation IV. There are four kinds of Mulch, each with a different effect.

A Mulch is essentially a fertilizer, which may be used before planting Berries in loamy soil. They promote healthy Berry growth, and have no use in battle aside from being thrown with Fling, in which case the move will have 30 Power.

If more than one Mulch is spread on one patch of soil, only the effect of the most recently used one will apply. According to the lady in the Berry Master's house in Sinnoh, mulch is made "by mixing high-grade soil with Pokémon...um...you know...".

Mulch can be bought from the girl in the Berry Master's house on Route 208 or in the Goldenrod Flower Shop (after acquiring the Berry Pots).

List of Mulches


  • Because some Mulch can alter a Berry's growth rate, it is possible for some Berries with different base growth times to grow in the same amount of time. Similarly, Berries with the same base growth time can vary in actual growth time.
  • Inside the Berry Master's house there is a book titled "Much Ado About Mulch: A Berry-Grower's Guide". The title of this book is a pun on William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".

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