Mt. Sorbet

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Solbelas Mountain ソルベラスやま
Solbelas Mountain
Solbelas Mountain
Connecting locations
North None
South Sopiana Highway
West None
East None
Location of Solbelas Mountain in Oblivia

(Japanese: ソルベラスやま Solbelas Mountain) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Locus of Light.

It is located north of the east end of Sopiana Highway on Sopiana Island. It is the home of the legendary bird Articuno. Upon reaching the top of the mountain for the first time, the Pokémon Nappers will be seen attempting to gain control of Articuno, which then flies off. After completing the game and accepting a mission from Talga, players must chase down the three legendary birds through the sky. Upon catching up with Articuno, it will go down to its home on top of the mountain. There, players must battle it to gain a part of the golden armor. Upon victory players will obtain the Ranger Sign to summon Articuno. Using this Ranger Sign at the summit of Solbelas Mountain will allow players to once again fight the legendary Pokémon. There is an Electivire lithograph covering up a cave on the mountain. The player can break the lithograph and gain access to the cave by beating the Lightning Temple leader's Electivire in a past mission.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
026 Raichu Recharge Assist.png Recharge Recharge 4
144 Articuno * Ice Assist.png Ice None
225 Delibird Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 3
215 Sneasel Dark Assist.png Dark Cut 2
237 Hitmontop Fighting Assist.png Fighting Crush 3
238 Smoochum Normal Assist.png Normal Teleport -
358 Chimecho Psychic Assist.png Psychic Teleport -
363 Spheal Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 2
364 Sealeo Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 3
365 Walrein Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 4
371 Bagon Dragon Assist.png Dragon Tackle 1
373 Salamence Dragon Assist.png Dragon Burn 4
391 Monferno Fire Assist.png Fire Burn 2
392 Infernape * Fire Assist.png Fire Burn 3
394 Prinplup Water Assist.png Water Cut 2
395 Empoleon Water Assist.png Water Cut 3
427 Buneary Normal Assist.png Normal Crush 1
428 Lopunny Normal Assist.png Normal Crush 3
459 Snover Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 2
460 Abomasnow * Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 3
471 Glaceon Ice Assist.png Ice Crush 4

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