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'''Mr. Stone''' (Japanese: '''ツワブキ社長''' '''President Tsuwabuki''', French:'''Mr.Rochard''', German:'''Mr.Trumm''', Italian:'''Mr.Petri''', Spanish:'''Mr.Peñas''') is the president of [[Devon Corporation]] and father of [[Steven Stone]].
[[image:AG016_-_Mr_Stone.jpg|frame|'''Mr. Stone''' in the anime.]]'''Mr. Stone''' (Japanese: '''ツワブキ社長''' '''President Tsuwabuki''', French:'''Mr.Rochard''', German:'''Mr.Trumm''', Italian:'''Mr.Petri''', Spanish:'''Mr.Peñas''') is the president of [[Devon Corporation]] and father of [[Steven Stone]].
=In the anime=
=In the anime=

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File:AG016 - Mr Stone.jpg
Mr. Stone in the anime.
Mr. Stone (Japanese: ツワブキ社長 President Tsuwabuki, French:Mr.Rochard, German:Mr.Trumm, Italian:Mr.Petri, Spanish:Mr.Peñas) is the president of Devon Corporation and father of Steven Stone.

In the anime

Max accidentally spilled soda on the PokéNav in Rustboro City. In a panic, he separated from the group when he noticed a man showing off some toys he had made to the local children.

The man introduced himself as Mr. Stone, an employee of Devon Corporation - the company that makes PokéNavs.

Mr. Stone had to return to Devon Corporation due to an emergency, but he invited Max to visit later.

Max found the gigantic Devon building, and asked to see Mr. Stone. Unforunately, the receptionist said he was busy. Max tried to think of some way he could see Mr. Stone to get the PokéNav fixed.

Mr. Stone was meeting with an Officer Jenny, who wanted to warn him of a villanous team who wanted to steal something from Devon.

Mr. Stone then found Max, who had hidden in the building, and had one of the Corpration's technicians repair it. Max was surprised to find out that Mr. Stone was actually the president of Devon.

Mr. Stone explained some of Devon's products, and Max explained how he had broken his PokéNav. Mr. Stone took Max on a tour of the laboratories, pointing out a project to revive extinct Pokémon from fossils.

Mr. Stone noticed a suspicious scientist and he and Max decided to follow him. Max accidentally alerted the strange man to their prescence, causing him to flee. Mr. Stone called security and found out some amber containing prehistoric Pokémon DNA had been stolen.

Ash, May, and Brock had heard of the situation and helped confront the thief on the route. Team Rocket ended up accidentally defeating the thief, and Max was able to recover the amber in the confusion.

Officer Jenny explained that the thief was a member of Team Aqua.

Mr. Stone took the children out for dinner, and Mr. Stone secretly passed Max his repaired PokéNav back.

In the games

Art of Mr. Stone from Ruby and Sapphire

Mr. Stone is the president of the Devon Corporation. After recovering the Devon Goods from either a member of Team Aqua or Team Magma, he'll give the main character a PokéNav and ask them to deliver a letter to Steven in Dewford Town.

He considers himself generous and collects rare rocks and stones.

He has a large interest in Pokémon, he wanted the PokéNav developed so that he could better understand Pokémon emotions.

Devon Corporation was in charge of carving Rusturf Tunnel out of the mountain to connect Route 116 and Route 117, however Mr. Stone shut the project down because it was disturbing the local Pokémon.

In the Pokémon Special Manga

Mr. Stone was traveling through the Petalburg Woods when his Castform ended up getting stuck in a fountain. Luckily, Sapphire was able to free the little Pokémon.

A grateful Mr. Stone was happy to be reuinted with his Pokémon, and Gabby & Ty were on the scene and wanted an interview with Sapphire, who refused.

Just then, everyone was attacked by members of Team Aqua, who were after the Devon Goods Mr. Stone was carrying. Sapphire fought off the villains, but Mr. Stone fell unconscious as a result of the attack, asking Sapphire to deliver a letter to his son.

Gabby and Ty decided to take care of Castform while its owner was incapacitated. They later gave it to Ruby because it was lonely.


This listing is of Mr. Stone's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.


  • Castform "Popo" (Cared for by Gabby and Ty)


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