Mr. Saridakis

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Mr. Saridakis
Saridakis as a boy being saved by Galea and Dragonair.

Mr. Saridakis (Japanese: ナミダバシ Namidabashi) is a character of the day in the anime who appeared in On Olden Pond.

After a traumatic childhood experience where he almost drowned in a lake while fishing (he was saved by a to him unknown person), Mr. Saridakis became determined to buy that lake and build an amusement park over it. However, Tiffany, who owns a boat house with her grandmother Galea at the side of the lake, refused to sell the lake, so he used his Crawdaunt to scare away all the people who came there to fish.

Ash challenged Mr. Saridakis to a battle to decide the fate of the lake. Ash used his Corphish, while Mr. Saridakis used Crawdaunt. Team Rocket interfered the battle, however, and stole Crawdaunt. During his attempt to save his Crawdaunt, Mr. Saridakis was knocked into the lake, until he was saved by Galea and a Dragonair, which lives in the lake. He realized that it was Galea and Dragonair that saved him all those years ago, and in gratitude, he decided to cancel his plans.


On hand

Mr. Saridakis's Crawdaunt
Crawdaunt is Mr. Saridakis's only known Pokémon. While Ash and his friends were fishing, Ash caught a heavy Crawdaunt. Seeing that how ferocious is was, Ash sent out his Corphish to battle it. The Crawdaunt easily defeated Ash's Corphish as Corphish was the pre-evolved form of Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt then left, destroying Ash's and his friends' rods in the process.

Tiffany, who owns a boat house at the lake with her grandmother, came up to the group and told about how that Crawdaunt scared all the Pokémon and customers away from the lake. They then searched for it after their revived ambition. Everyone went different directions to search for the Rogue Pokémon. Tiffany eventually found it between a bed of rocks. However, they found out that Crawdaunt belongs to Mr. Saridakis, who wanted to buy the lake to buy an attraction park. Ash challenged him to a battle to decide the fate of the lake.

After Ash trained with Tiffany's grandmother Galea, it was time for Corphish's rematch against Crawdaunt. This time, Corphish was able to get the upper hand. Team Rocket came by, however, and interrupted their battle by stealing Crawdaunt and Ash's Pikachu. May's Squirtle saved them with its newly learned Rapid Spin and blasted Team Rocket off.

Mr. Saridakis fell off the boat and a Dragonair, that lives in the lake, rescued Saridakis. Realizing that Dragonair saved his life before, he decided to declare Ash the winner of the battle and leave the lake alone.

Crawdaunt's known moves are ViceGrip, BubbleBeam and Crabhammer.

Debut On Olden Pond


Mr. Saridakis's Dragonair
Dragonair usually resides in the lake that Mr. Saridakis fished in during his youth. One day, he fell in and a Dragonair saved him. In the present-day, he tried to buy the lake, ignoring his youth experiences with it. However, after defeating Team Rocket, the same Dragonair came by and rescued him once more after he fell off a boat. This made him cancel his plans and the lake was saved.
Debut On Olden Pond

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 加藤精三 Seizō Katō
English Rodger Parsons (adult)
Kayzie Rogers (child)
Brazilian Portuguese Gilberto Baroli
Spanish Latin America Alfonso Ramírez
Spain Antonio Esquivias

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