Mr. Moore

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Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore (Japanese: ムラ Mura) is an anime character who appeared in Poetry Commotion! and Going, Going, Yawn. He is Flannery's grandfather.

Mr. Moore was the former Lavaridge Gym Leader. He left the town to speak about poetry. However, he returned when he worried that his granddaughter would have a hard time taking on the responsibilities as Gym Leader. He came back disguised three times to the Gym. The first disguise he used was a purple-colored suit with a brown mustache and wig which he used with a pair of binoculars to spy on the Gym's current state from afar. His second disguise consisted of tan shorts and a floral print shirt with a blonde wig which he used to help his granddaughter find the Gym's Heat Badges. His third disguise was of a judge sent from the Committee for Popularizing Pokémon Gym Judging (referred to as the CPPGJ).

Mr. Moore also officiated the Gym battle between his granddaughter and Ash, and helped defeat Team Rocket when they tried to steal Flannery's Torkoal.


This listing is of Mr. Moore's known Pokémon:

Mr. Moore's Typhlosion
Mr. Moore's Typhlosion is first seen in a flashback scene when Flannery is speaking about how strong it is and how they were an absolutely unbeatable team until the time he decided to get involved in Pokémon poetry. He uses it to battle Team Rocket after they try to escape with Flannery's Torkoal.

It is seen again in a flashback at the beginning of Going, Going, Yawn in a recap of the previous episodes events.

Typhlosion's known moves are Headbutt*, Flame Wheel, and Flamethrower.

Debut Poetry Commotion
Mr. Moore's Wingull
Mr. Moore used his Wingull to punch a hole in Team Rocket's balloon as they were trying to escape with Flannery's Torkoal.

None of Wingull's moves are known.

Debut Poetry Commotion

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 長嶝高士 Takashi Nagasako
English Sean Schemmel
Brazilian Portuguese Gilberto Baroli
European Spanish Roberto Cuenca Martínez


Mr. Moore in disguise
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