Mr. Goods

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Mr. Goods (Mr. E. Goods in the Japanese version) is a NPC in Hearthome City that says even he can't remember his real name. He dedicates himself to seeking rarity's and gives the trainer an item once they have met certain requirements.

Contest Trophies

  • Win a Master Rank Beauty Contest: Blue Trophy
  • Win a Master Rank Cool Contest: Red Trophy
  • Win a Master Rank Smart Contest: Green Trophy
  • Win a Master Rank Tough Contest: Yellow Trophy
  • Win a Master Rank Cute Contest: Pink Trophy


  • Meet 100 people underground: Blue Crystal
  • Give 100 items to people underground: Pink Crystal
  • Dig up 100 fossils underground: Red Crystal
  • Trap 100 people underground: Yellow Crystal


  • Beat all 8 Gym Leaders: Gym Statue
  • Enable Wi-Fi Connection and access GTS: Revolving Globe
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