Mountain Patrol

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The Mountain Patrol is an anime-exclusive organization. They reside near Ecutreak City. They use their Pokémon to help those in danger; they can be seen as the precursor to Pokémon Rangers. Their only appearance to date is in Mountain Time. It is revealed that when one's Ledian's backspots glow red, they are ready to become an officer.



Benji's Ledian
Benji's Ledian is part of mountain patrol helping people stranded in the mountains, it is smaller than other Ledian. Ledian first appeared where Ash and Pikachu saw it and chased after it, it got into strong winds caused by Benji's father's Pidgeotto and failed to get through them as training. It then appeared in the cabin whilst Benji's father's Ledian was giving it tips. Ledian then started training again flying through the trees.

Suddenly Team Rocket appear with their new vacuum device sucking in Pikachu and Togepi. Ledian tries to save them but it is blown back. They decide to save them, suddenly a load of rocks blocks their way so they have to uses the rope ladder. Suddenly the rope breaks but with the help of Ash's Noctowl they are able to bring them to safety.

Ledian decides to go look for them and finds them balanced on a rock Bulbasaur can't reach so Ledian steps in, Benji takes a net and rope out, he ties it round a rock and Ledian is able to successfully save the group. Suddenly Team Rocket bag Togepi and Pikachu, Ledian tries to help but it is too exhausted. In the end Ledian and Benji's father's Ledian send Team Rocket blasting off with Swift.

That night when the stars started to glow so did the spots on its back and it flew in the sky with the other Ledian sprinkling dust. When it glows it mean Ledian is well trained and Benji got the job as mountain officer.

Ledian's known moves are Swift and Comet Punch*.

Debut Mountain Time
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Rikako Aikawa
Benji's father's Ledian
Benji's father trains Ledian for mountain patrol helping people stranded in the mountains. It was first seen watching Benji's Ledian, noticeably smaller than his Ledian, training using his Pidgeotto. It was then seen as Ledian's mentor in the cabin. It later sent Team Rocket blasting off with Swift. It then sprinkled dust everywhere with Benji's Ledian.

Ledian's only known move is Swift.

Debut Mountain Time
Benji's father's Pidgeotto
Benji's father's Pidgeotto is part of mountain patrol helping people stranded in the mountains. It is first seen helping to train Benji's Ledian creating strong winds like that of the mountains but it failed, it then appeared in the cabin. When Team Rocket had stolen Pikachu and Misty's Togepi it blows James's Weezing's SmokeScreen away. And it is able to faint James's Pokémon with a Gust.

Pidgeotto's only known move is Gust.

Debut Mountain Time
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